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Specifics: Fictional appearances
The name or term Razorclaw refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Razorclaw (disambiguation).

Know that when the Predacons are on the hunt, their leader Razorclaw is all business. Every drop of fuel in his system and every thought in his processor are dedicated to the task at hand, and he often lies in wait, completely motionless, for long stretches of time. Fools confuse this for laziness. Many of them have become his prey.

He and his fellow Predacons can combine to form Predaking.

"Hrr, wait til the guards come. Then we'll dismantle them."
―Razorclaw waiting for trouble to come to him[["Nightmare Planet"| [src]]]

French name (Canada): Griffon
Italian name: Zannar
Hungarian name: Pengeél ("Razorblade")


Marvel Comics continuity[]

Generation One[]

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

It's better to fight and die than live with the knowledge that you -- oh, forget it.

As Megatron's paranoia reached its peak, Soundwave suggested that they enlist the help of the Predacons to flush out Optimus Prime, allowing Megatron to finally defeat him. However, Shockwave called them from Cybertron, and gave Razorclaw secret orders to turn on Megatron at a crucial moment. The Predacons successfully hunted down Optimus, and when Megatron arrived, as Shockwave ordered, they turned on him. After learning of Shockwave and the Predacons' betrayal, Megatron summoned a space bridge to Cybertron to escape, but Prime flung them both through the bridge before it had fully materialized. Prey! The Harder They Die!

Fortunately for Razorclaw and the other Predacons, Megatron lost his memory of this incident when Straxus attempted to take over his body. Resurrection!


Holy slag, dude!

Suspecting Megatron was unstable, Shockwave contacted Razorclaw on Cybertron and enlisted the aid of a mercenary-like band of Decepticons, the Predacons. Equipping them with Autobot insignia panels, he sent them to Earth via a Space Bridge in the Florida Everglades. There, Razorclaw led the Predacons against Megatron, who had been led to believe Optimus Prime still lived and assumed he sent the Predacons against him thanks to the Autobot insignia. Despite the prowess of the Predacons and fighting Megatron as Predaking, Megatron still defeated the Predacons. Gone But Not Forgotten!

Razorclaw returned later, leading the Predacons under the flag of Ratbat, leading raids for fuel. RAAT had in their possession at the time the six Autobot Throttlebots and had disassembled and reassembled them several times over in an effort to understand them. The RAAT Head refused to accept that the Autobots and Decepticons were different and issued an ultimatum; after one more attack, the Throttlebots would be put to death. The Predacons were more than happy to oblige. Walter Barnett, head of the project that worked on the Throttlebots, saved the brain modules from destruction and stowed them away in toy cars and fled, searching for the Witwickys. Razorclaw and the Predacons stormed the facility and demanded to be able to inspect the compressed corpses of the Throttlebots and was satisfied they were the real deal, until Ratbat noticed the absence of the brain modules. The Predacons then chased the "fuel scent" of the brain modules across the area, chasing Barnett and Buster Witwicky through a suburban mall. The Predacons were outrun by the Autobots in their remote control toy bodies and were about as effective as Tantrum was at making it through the mall's china shop. Toy Soldiers!

Know that the battle with Scorponok was worse, as Razorclaw ended up unable to stop Tantrum from getting ripped in half. Know that Razorclaw then served under Scorponok in Tokyo where he fared even worse against Starscream as the Underbase left him in pieces. Cold War! Dark Star!

Marvel UK future timelines[]

In 2008, Razorclaw was one of Commander Soundwave's lieutenants on Cybertron when a Quintesson arrived at Decepticon headquarters, alerting them that most of the Autobot fleet was off-world attacking Quintessa. Seeing an opportunity, Soundwave rallied his troops for a major offensive on Autobase. On the way, Razorclaw made an off-hand comment about how lucky they were the Quintesson gave them the intel, but Soundwave was quick to claim the lion's share of the credit for seizing the opportunity given them. Of course, a second later it became moot when a cadre of Allicon shock troops and Trident assault craft burst out from nowhere and assaulted the Decepticons, catching them in the trap the first Quintesson set for them. Space Pirates!

Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Razorclaw and Rampage were patrolling the Alaskan snowfields for Shockwave and bumped into Grimlock, who had just been had by the Dinobots as an April Fools joke -- they had set up a fake challenge by Shockwave and lured him out into the cold, only to find a "Shockwave snowman" and a sign. Razorclaw and Rampage thought this was very funny. What Grimlock did to them ended up being censored, but it probably wasn't hugs and kisses. Snow Fun!

Generation 2[]

Despite his misgivings, Razorclaw took part in the Autobot/Decepticon alliance against the Cybertronian empire. During the battle, he began to suspect the Decepticons' newest recruits were insufficiently committed to the Decepticon cause, particularly Manta Ray. A true Decepticon, Razorclaw swore to rip out Manta Ray's primary fuel pump and devour his tasty, tasty courage if the new kid didn't shape up. Total War

The Predacon got his chance when the Swarm arrived, decimating the Cybertronian armada before turning on Earth. As the Swarm approached their makeshift fortification, Razorclaw ordered Manta Ray to activate the perimeter defenses. Manta Ray ignored him in favor of Grimlock, and Razorclaw lost his head. Preparing to attack the "traitor", the Predacon was himself ambushed by Leadfoot, and Razorclaw lost his head. A Rage in Heaven!

Cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Joe Leahy (US), Tomomichi Nishimura (Japan)

In the year 2006, the Predacons were dispatched to Jupiter's moon, Io, to stop a marooned Autobot team from reaching Earth with Metroplex's transformation cog. Arriving on the moon, Razorclaw ordered his fellow Predacons to attack before charging himself.

Chasing after Blurr in beast mode, Razorclaw nearly fell into a ravine when the Autobot shot him in the face as he attempted the jump. Grabbing hold of the side with his foreleg, he dragged himself up and rejoined his teamates to merge into their combined form, Predaking. Unfortunately, the mighty Sky Lynx soundly defeated the giant, scattering him into the Predacon component members. Razorclaw ran off, to the protests of Headstrong, when Sky Lynx fired upon him. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5, Chaos

When the Decepticons invaded Paradron, Razorclaw and Brawl were on guard duty when Sandstorm escaped from the brig, and the normally relaxed Predacon commander eagerly charged out of the barracks at the thought of tearing apart an Autobot. He leapt ahead of Sandstorm on a narrow bridge and knocked him off the edge into a deep chasm. The lousy Triple Changer transformed to avoid splattering, though, and escaped his pursuers. Fight or Flee, Ghost in the Machine

Later, the Predacons were drawn into the Quintessons' experiments using Daniel Witwicky's dreams to destroy the Transformers. Razorclaw and Springer were captured by a dragon, which took them to a castle. There, a princess offered them gold if they freed her. While Springer declined the gold, Razorclaw's interest was piqued. Whether this means gold is valuable among the Decepticons, or if Razorclaw just likes shiny things, is unspecified. In typical fashion, Razorclaw sat down and decided to try and break out when the guards came. However, Springer came up with a plan that allowed them to escape and went to fight the dragon. Razorclaw decided to let Springer fight the dragon himself, but the princess urged Razorclaw to help if only to save himself. Razorclaw served as Springer's mount as he charged the dragon, killing it. After shutting down the experiments, Razorclaw decided to finish off the Autobots, but Headstrong couldn't transform into beast mode, and Razorclaw ordered the Predacons to retreat. Nightmare Planet, The Quintesson Journal

Razorclaw was among the Primitives who were summoned by Primacron's assistant to fight Tornadron, greatly objecting to Sky Lynx's leadership of the group. While fleeing Tornadron, Headstrong declared that it would be better to die fighting. Razorclaw agreed, and ordered the Predacons to form Predaking. They got their energy sucked from them for their troubles. Call of the Primitives, The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

The Headmasters cartoon[]

Four Warriors Come out of the Sky, Rebellion on Planet Beast, Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1, Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2, The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok, The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts, Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger, Explosion on Mars!! MegaZarak Appears, Return of the Immortal Emperor, Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2), The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide

Dreamwave comics continuity[]

DWSummerspecial MegatronRazorclaw

For the love of God, someone get some catnip!

Razorclaw and the Predacons were once Decepticon warlords who were banished from Cybertron to the planet Beest. During their time there, the Predacons' higher functions degraded until they were feral. After being repaired by the Junkions, Megatron located Razorclaw and the Predacons, and, after some initial difficulty, reprogrammed them to serve him, and also altered them to become the combiner Predaking. Welcome to the Jungle

IMG 2135

Devil's Due G.I.Joe Vs. Transformers continuity[]

Razorclaw tried to maul Nautilator when he was intruding on the Predacons' piece of the Gladiator Zone, but was blasted off and ordered the Predacons to tear the Seacon apart. The fight soon led to a battle between Predaking and Piranacon, but the two giants were interrupted when Serpent O.R. approached them to recruit them into his new Decepticon army. The Art of War #2 After the Predacons helped Serpent O.R. capture a group of Autobots and G.I. Joes, Razorclaw reported to his leader that their magno-locks would be more than enough to hold the prisoners. He was later part of a meeting during which Serpent O.R. convinced even more soldiers to join his ranks, then attacked an Autobot peace ceremony as part of Predaking. The Art of War #3

When Serpent O.R. was attacked by Optimus Prime, Razorclaw rushed to his aid alongside Onslaught, Motormaster, Hun-Grrr, and Octane. Razorclaw wedged his sword deep into Prime's leg, but was met with heavy resistance as the Autobot kicked him and used his sword to take out Onslaught. Razorclaw and Motormaster eventually overpowered Prime, only to be bewildered when Serpent O.R. was enlightened by Matrix of Leadership and tried to take his own life. Unfortunately, Cobra Commandersuddenly took control of this new "Serpentor Prime" and used his tentacles to attack Razorclaw and Motormaster, apparently killing them. The Art of War #5

IDW comics continuity[]

Before the war began, the Predacons, including Razorclaw, were respondents to Megatron's open casting call for gladiatorial combatants. Although the Predacons were contemptuous of some of the amateurs, they appeared to change their minds after seeing Grimlock. Megatron Origin, Part 3

SpotlightBlaster Predacons


Razorclaw rose high in the Decepticon ranks, coming to serve as a kind of general, leading large numbers of troops against the Autobots. He also retained command of the Predacons, which became an elite—and feared—tactical unit. Spotlight: Shockwave After the Battle of Thunderhead Pass, Razorclaw was involved in a Decepticon scheme to demoralize the Autobots and claim as much of their territory on the planet as possible. Soundwave used Bombshell to subvert the will of Beachcomber, forcing the Autobot to make an assassination attempt on Blaster, "The Voice" of the Autobot cause. And so, just as the Autobot forces were gathering around their transmitters, waiting for the pre-scheduled broadcast that would never come, Razorclaw caught them off-guard with a massive full-frontal assault on the enemy trenches. Besides his Predacons, he led Darkwing, Dreadwind, Needlenose, Spinister, and even the mighty Trypticon himself into battle. Although details are slim, this offensive was apparently a major blow to the Autobot cause. Spotlight: Blaster

Razorclaw led his Predacon team on hunts for Autobot warriors, prey, during the war. At one point they were hunting the special operative Jazz and found him during a rescue operation. After Jazz was isolated from transport, and with only the injured Tracks for support, Razor claw decided to hunt their prey without energy weapons, feeling that Jazz deserved a "Hands On approach." Things didn't quite go as planned when Tantrum was disabled before anyone realized, and Razorclaw's orders couldn't stop Rampage and Headstrong from getting blown away. After Divebomb was disabled it ended with Razorclaw and Jazz duking it out Robo-a-robo. Razorclaw came out on top, possibly because Jazz was already weakened but lost his kill when he got shot in the back by Bluestreak. Better luck next time. Spotlight: Jazz

Stormbringer4 Rampage Razorclaw

"Rampage, I am not wasting my money voting someone off of Big Brother".

After Thunderwing's reactivation and subsequent return to Cybertron, Megatron dispatched the Predacons to ensure that his defeat was final this time, giving Razorclaw explicit instructions: if Cybertron must be destroyed, then so be it. Stormbringer issue 3 Razorclaw started a countdown on an orbital bombardment powerful enough to destroy Cybertron, but had Rampage at the console with his finger on the button, ready to cancel it in the event that Thunderwing is defeated. He remarked that he was hesitant to destroy Cybertron unless it was absolutely necessary, but was willing to do it rather than defy Megatron. In respect for the desperate Autobot defense, he dispatched a team under Divebomb and Headstrong to assist their enemies in fighting Thunderwing, but ordered them to return at the five cycle mark, intending to destroy everybody on the surface. He canceled the countdown with one second remaining, after Optimus Prime defeated Thunderwing. Stormbringer issue 4

Beast Wars[]


DawnofFuturesPast G1Predacons

You didn't own me till three BotCons later.

Razorclaw, after apparently being gone for some time, returned to lead the Predacons and vowed to defeat the Maximals. Get in line. Dawn of Future's Past

Beast Wars: The Gathering[]

Razorclaw Symbol

Razorclaw, star of Predator: The animals strike back

On Cybertron, a group of five symbols appeared on the walls of a room containing a transwarp shunt device. The five symbols seemed to represent a lion, a bird, a bull, a rhinoceros, and a tiger. The Gathering, Part 2


Generation One[]

  • Razorclaw (1986)
    • Team ID number: 1
    • IMG 2126
      Japanese ID number: D-73
    • Accessories: "Twin Concussion Blaster", Sonic Sword
Razorclaw transforms into a brightly coloured, cuddly, cute robotic male lion. His beast mode legs and head have varying degrees of articulation (though the latter has more to do with his transformation). As was the norm for toys made during the period, especially combiner members, he has limited articulation in robot mode. Razorclaw is armed with his large Twin Concussion Blaster mounted on his back in beast mode and uses his Sonic Sword in robot mode.
He serves as the torso for Predaking, and as such, his Sonic Sword as Predaking's primary offensive weapon. Additionally, his Twin Concussion Blaster can transform into a longer, single-barrel cannon that mounts on Predaking's left arm (ie: Divebomb).
As with the rest of the Predacons, the initial release of Razorclaw had die-cast metal parts which were later replaced by plastic. In Japan, he was available individually or as part of a gift set with the rest of the Predacons.
  • G1 Predaking toy
    Predaking (Multi-pack, 1986, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: D-78
In Japan, all five Predacons were also made available as a very large gift-set. This huge box was reissued in 2004, using the die-cast contruction of the initial releases.

Titanium Series[]

  • Predaking (3" Robot Masters, 2006)
    • Accessories: Display stand, sword
Titanium Predaking

talkin out a hole in his... body?

Know that the torso of this 3" die-cast figurine is technically Razorclaw.

Universe (2008)[]

  • Leadership Team (multi-pack, 2008)
Razorclaw is a redeco of Legends of Cybertron Leobreaker.


  • IMG 2127
    Razorclaw and Elita-1 (Botcon Souviner, 2009)
Razorclaw is a retool of Cybertron Leobreaker with a new Razorclaw style headsculpt as shown in Dawn of Futures Past, Transforming into a robo-lion, in a 2-Pack with a pink Thunderblast as Elita One. One worthy note is the Golden Disc Key has a clear border not the silver seen on the BotCon 2006 figures, speaking of Cyber Keys, It flips out claws when put in the lion front legs/robot arms. He can also hold his tail whip. Another worthy to note is despite representing him in Dawn of Future's Past, which had most toys released at BotCon 2006, he was sold at BotCon 2009.

The original version of this mold was redecoed as Nemesis Breaker

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