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Razorclaw is a Decepticon-allied Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Know that I am also, also Razorclaw.

A member of the Sky Attack Team, Razorclaw vastly prefers getting in close and strafing his targets with machinegun fire rather than using bombs from afar. This way he can see the devastation and carnage up close and personal; nothing gets his internal processors going like destroying a city's cultural institutions, watching civilization burn and crumble. He is a savage barbarian who lives to crush his enemies, drive them before him, and hear the lamentations of the survivors.

As such, he has become the personal target of the Air Defense Team's Steamhammer. Where Razorclaw relishes death and destruction, Steamhammer abhors it. The two have clashed many times as Steamhammer attempts to prevent further destruction and loss of life at Razorclaw's hands.



  • Razorclaw vs Steamhammer (Mini-Con 2-pack, 2006)
Razorclaw is a redeco of Thunderwing from the Armada Air Military Mini-Con Team, transforming into a "flying wing" stealth fighter. He has a third weapon mode, becoming a spinning blade that uses the toy's Powerlinx socket as a swivel-point. He was available in a two-pack with Steamhammer, and that same two-pack was available at Target in an exclusive bonus set with Evac.
He uses the same mold as Ichibi, Seeker and Twirl.


  • Razorclaw's official bio actually contains the line "he lives to crush his enemies, drive them before him, and hear the lamentations of the survivors". This is a near-direct lift from a line from the movie Conan The Barbarian, when Conan is asked "what is the best in life?"

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