The name or term Razorclaw refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Razorclaw (disambiguation).

The quick attacker of the Predacons, Razorclaw lies in wait under sand, waiting for unsuspecting prey to come by. Once close enough, Razorclaw strikes at the poor Maximal and crushes him in his claw's loving grip.

Spanish name: Cangrejon
Italian name: Granchius
French name (Canada): Pinceur


Primeval Dawn

After the Beast Wars came to an end, Razorclaw was activated on Earth by the duo of Tarantulus and Ravage, along with other programmed Predacons Spittor and Iguanus. Primeval Dawn Part 2 He was sent into battle with Primal Prime and his Vok-backed warriors, Primeval Dawn Part 3 but probably did not survive the climax -- the other known Maximal and Predacon survivors made their way back to Cybertron, and Razorclaw was nowhere to be seen.

IDW Beast Wars comics

Razorclaw was originally one of the Maximal protoforms held in stasis pods aboard the Axalon. However, his fallen pod was remotely reprogrammed as a Predacon by the time-travelling Magmatron and his forces, along with more than a dozen other Maximal protoforms. The Gathering issue 1 He joined Magmatron, Ravage, and the other Predacons in their battle against the traitor Razorbeast and his Maximal compatriots. The Gathering issue 4


Beast Wars

  • Razorclaw (Basic, 1997)
Razorclaw transforms into an orange and transparent blue crab. Inside his large claw are three spikes that can be shown by pushing a lever. Inside his other claw is a "blaster rifle".
  • Razorclaw (Basic with video, 1998)
Razorclaw was redecoed into a teal and maroon color scheme and released with a VHS tape containing the episodes "Aftermath" and "Coming of the Fuzors (Part 1)".
Aside from his rubsign, Rockbuster is the exact same toy.

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