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Razorbeast is a stubborn infantry fighter with great strength and tenacity befitting a warthog. He will keep struggling and fighting ferociously against all odds no matter how hopeless the situation. His self-reliant, self-sufficient nature and fierce refusal to give up has made him a prime choice for important but dangerous solo missions. Razorbeast respects the chain of command and would never disobey an order from above.

Spanish name: Jabali
Italian name: Razor
French name (Canada): Sanglier


IDW Beast Wars comics


Maybe his alt mode is a Razor scooter?

Razorbeast was an undercover agent embedded by Lio Convoy in Magmatron's organization to discover, and if possible to foil, the general's plans. He traveled back in time to prehistoric Earth with Magmatron and his crew to retrieve the rogue Megatron. However this was just a front to the true plan, to challenge the Maximals for control of Cybertron. Magmatron needed an army, and prehistoric Earth was littered with the stasis pods that had been abandoned by the Axalon. Magmatron had Razorbeast awaken these protoforms as Predacons, however, Razorbeast inserted a virus into the protoform-awakening software which allowed some of them to retain their Maximal allegiance. The Gathering #1

Fleeing from Magmatron, Razorbeast hooked up with the few Maximals he could immediately find: B'Boom, Snarl, Optimus Minor, Bonecrusher, Ramulus, and Wolfang. B'Boom in particular had difficulty trusting Razorbeast at first, as the warthog's camouflage programming caused him to broadcast a Predacon spark signature even now. The Gathering #2

Still, this rag-tag crew worked together on a pair of simultaneous missions: to prevent Magmatron from mucking with the timeline, and salvage the proper equipment to send a distress signal back to Cybertron. Magmatron was successfully dispatched back into the future, but the signal array was destroyed before it could be properly utilized.


Hakuna MatatAAAIIGGGHHH!!!

In the end, Razorbeast and company joined up with Torca's militia, Prowl's air force, and the remaining Maximals to continue protecting Earth against the Predacons and their new commander, the rebuilt Ravage. The Gathering #4

He continued to lead the Maximals against Ravage's Predacons, hoping for eventual rescue, when the machinations of Unicron intervened. Infected with Angolmois by Rartorata, Razorbeast was transformed into a feral beast. The Ascending #2

The Maximals were forced to wrestle Razorbeast and tie him to the ground to get him under control as the Predacons handled Rartorata. Lio Convoy managed to break through the Angolmois-madness and bring Razorbeast back to his senses temporarily, but when Drancron and Elephorca arrived on the scene, Razorbeast broke free and turned his rage on the two Blendtrons. The Ascending #3

He managed to defeat Elephorca largely by himself, and the others drove Drancron and Rartorata off. With no new enemies to focus his rage on, Razorbeast began to lose control again. A distraught Optimus Minor was forced to shoot his friend in the head, killing him, lest he harm the surviving Maximals and Predacons.


That'll do, Maximal. That'll do.

Showing his respect and regard for a fallen foe, Magmatron would later remark that if anyone deserved a monument for their actions this day, Razorbeast would be the one. The Ascending #4


Beast Wars

  • Razorbeast (Basic, 1996)
Part of the very first wave of Beast Wars product, Razorbeast transforms from a red warthog to robot mode with a spring-loaded one-step transforming action. His mane becomes a dual barreled (non-firing) handgun. The original releases came on a "rocky bubble" card, but this later changed to the "smooth bubble" style.
This mold was also used for Beast Wars Neo's Randy.
  • Razorbeast (MicroVerse, 1997)
This tiny, non-transforming Razorbeast was available with a tiny, non-transforming alligator Megatron and the Arachnid MicroVerse playset. There are two variants of this piece; one has bright yellow legs, the other bright green.


  • The card-art for Razorbeast shows him with two handguns. It's possible that an early design of the toy was intended to split the mane in half. In the comics, he alternates between holding his gun in his hand and leaving it mounted on his back while firing.
  • Razorbeast's Cybertronic form in the IDW comics shows signs of a possible motorcycle mode.
  • Razorbeast appeared alongside Iguanus on an episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Apparently, Will Smith had been looking for Razorbeast since October.[1] This is notable because at the time, who gave a crap enough about Transformers to reference them in this manner?
  • Simon Furman picked Razorbeast as the main Maximal character of The Gathering before he even saw a picture of him. Razorbeast's name just stood out to him.[2]
  • Don't call him Pumbaa.

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