One of Soundwave's Mini-Cons, the dogmatic Ravage prefers to stay silent, talking only to recite Decepticon code.


Transformers: Exodus

Like all of Soundwave's minions, Ravage would prowl around Megatron's Kaon headquarters, keeping an eye on his gladiators. Soundwave considered Ravage and Laserbeak more valuable than Frenzy and Rumble, so he did not send them to search for the Matrix of Leadership in Crystal City. He let them roam around the audience during Megatron and Orion Pax's hearing with the High Council. Like the other Minicons, Ravage gets restless when Soundwave makes intense calculations and he isn't allowed out. 

Transformers: Exodus

While torturing the traitor Axer for information, Soundwave released Ravage who crawled over the helpless Decepticon, ripping components out one at a time with his teeth. 


  • Ravage hasn't appeared on Transformers: Prime, but there is a Beast Hunters toy of Soundwave with Ravage instead of Laserbeak on his chest.
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