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The name or term Rattrap refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rattrap (disambiguation).

Rattletrap is an Autobot from Transformers Animated continuity family.



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Rattletrap is the salesman who sells cheap items, like the entry card he gave to Ratchet and Fanzone. Phony. Instead, he gives the REAL thing to Megatron's favorite suck-up. Nice goin there, buddy.


  • He is the first (Animated) character to be based on an remolded repaint of an cybertron figure based on an Beast Wars character. Wow, that's a mouthfull!.
  • Like the Rattrap before him, he has buck-teeth, his bottom incisors only show up when he talks though.
  • Despite being based on Rattrap, however, his name is apparently different because he isn't actually a rat. It also appears to be a combination of Rattrap's English name Rattrap and his Japanese name Rattle.
  • Rattletrap is an obvious homage to Rattrap from Beast Wars, though he isn't quite as humorous or sarcastic, maybe it was his evil twin.
  • Also unlike the original, he appears to be much more willing to work with certain Decepticons. TRAITOR!!!
  • It's unclear what Rattletrap even transforms into.
  • His face slightly resembles that of Mudflap (ROTF)

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