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" I needed that!"
― Ratchet's common phrase.

Ratchet is an Autobot and the resident medical officer of Team Prime. Ratchet is known as the doctor and scientist of the Autobots. Ratchet usually stays behind at the base to work on some few projects he's currently working on or in case any of the team members get injured. On Earth, Ratchet wasn't too fond of humans at first. However he was able to work and learn with them, which he began accepting them as a noble species and friends. Ratchet is usually the cranky old bot but Ratchet is the best medic and friend to have. Ratchet would do whatever it takes to aid histeam/family, and deal with any threat that came in their way.


Ratchet revealed that he is closer with his old friend Optimus Prime even before Optimus became a Prime.

War for Cybertron[]

During the Decepticons' siege of Iacon, Ratchet was assigned to Optimus, and helped him rescue a courier named Bumblebee, who informed Optimus that with the presumed death of Zeta Prime, the Council was putting him in command. The three of them then headed back to the command center, receiving a message from Jetfire that the Aerialbots were being overwhelmed and needed support. It was decided that the planetary guns, disabled earlier by Megatron's forces, needed to be brought back online. Informing Jetfire that he was taking temporary command, Optimus took Ratchet and Bumblebee with him on the mission, though when Ratchet questioned the "temporary" part, Optimus brushed it aside. When that mission was completed, they decided their next stop was the Decagon, in order to re-establish communications and coordinate Iacon's defense. Hitting serious resistance, including several Decepticon war machines and more than a few damaged lifts which Ratchet puzzled out a way around, they nonetheless prevailed with help from Jetfire and Ironhide, before reaching the Decagon itself, where they encountered the former Autobot Sky Commander, Starscream. They managed to defeat him as well and retook the Decagon. After Optimus was named the new Prime, he went on a mission to free Cybertron's core of Megatron's Dark Energon corruption. In order to do so, however, he needed to open the Omega Gate, which would require freeing Omega Supreme from Decepticon captivity. Omega was still badly damaged from his battle with Megatron's forces, so Optimus called in Ratchet, whom Prime, Warpath, and Ironhide protected during his operation to repair Omega Supreme. After the Omega Gate was opened, Ratchet returned to base with Omega, as field repairs could only do so much. When Trypticon fell to the surface from orbit, Ratchet organized the rescue effort. After Trypticon was defeated, he praised Optimus on his success, but was the price paid was costly - many Autobots were lost, and those remaining were now forced to abandon Cybertron while the planetary Core repaired the damage. Ratchet was one of those who stayed behind with Optimus to resist Megatron's schemes, and to build an Ark to carry them from their home when the time came.


Ratchet repairing Bumble Bee

Ratchet repairing BumbleBee

Ratchet was essentially in aiding a badly-damaged Bumblebee following extensive injuries caused by lack of cooperation during an interrogation by the Decepticons' leader, Megatron. Though his efforts proved valiant, Bumblebee was no longer able to speak anymore. Ratchet self-criticized his work on Bumblebee and stated he could have done a better job.[1]

Fall of Cybertron[]

During the preparations for the Ark's launch, Ratchet worked with Optimus Prime, Perceptor, and the other Autobots to recover the energon necessary for lift-off.

Human encounter[]


Ratchet went with Arcee, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Optimus Prime to find Cliffjumper. Arcee found one of Cliff's horns and Optimus asked Ratchet to track Cliff. Ratchet checked and he sees that Cliff's life signal went offline. The team held a little funeral outside of their base. With their lost comrade dead, Ratchet told Optimus that protecting humans would only cause more casualties when Arcee drove off. Optimus said his opinion is noted.

When the humans arrived at the base, Ratchet didn't take it too well. Optimus explained that to them that the Decepticons were on Earth because their planet called Cybertron was uninhabitable from the war fought between Autobots and Decepticons.

When Agent Fowler came, Optimus told the humans to hide so that he doesn't get them out. When Cliffjumper's signal came back online, Optimus went with his team while Ratchet remained at the base with the humans. Miko was close to touching a device, but Ratchet told her to not touch. When the base's computers were overloaded with data, Raf erased some of them with his computer which left Ratchet impressed. When the team groundbridged back to base, Miko asked if she could come next time. Arcee was close to yelling at her, but Jack took Miko away. Optimus asked Arcee what she saw and she told him that Cliffjumper was experimented on by the Decepticons. Arcee faints near the floor, which caused the team to try to help her. She said she was fine, but Ratchet had to check her. He examined her and found a strange colored liquid on her hand. Ratchet scrapped it off her hand and told her to take a decontamination bath to avoid any strange things. Optimus assigned Bumblebee with Raf, Bulkhead with Miko and Jack with Arcee to accompany them to their homes. Arcee said she was feeling dizzy but Ratchet told her she will be fine.

Optimus saved Ratchet from a device that was possessed by Dark Energon. As the humans and Autobots came to the base, Optimus perpared to roll out with Ratchet. Optimus puts Arcee in charge and she questions him on where he's going. Optimus said he was going with Ratchet to investigate and they went off. After a long walk, Optimus and Ratchet found Megatron. Megatron used a Dark Energon shard to revive a small army of zombie Cybertronians. Optimus and Ratchet fought them head on. They almost fell at their mercy, until Optimus used his strength to kill a bunch of them and helped out Ratchet. Optimus was close to getting at Megatron, but failed as he climbed to the top. He helped Ratchet and Ratchet questioned Megatron's intentions. They returned to base for repairs, which Optimus helped Ratchet with his arm. Optimus found out that the humans went on a wild chase to get Agent Fowler back and Bulkhead told Optimus it won't happen again. Miko protested and showed Optimus a picture of a Decepticon plan. Optimus explains that if Megatron uses Dark Energon to revive Cybertron's dead, the zombie army will come to Earth and destroy it.

Optimus assembled his team and they prepared to fight against the oncoming threat. While Ratchet stayed at base with the humans, Optimus and his team fight the Decepticons. After a long battle, Optimus escapes with his team back to base. Arcee was damaged, but she is still standing. Optimus makes a speech on how they will vanquished any foe that comes in their way and that they will stand for their home.

In Masters and Students, Ratchet was dismayed when the kids were doing their science projects in the base. Soon, he became interested in and started to work on their projects, which he began to take things into his own hands. He built a volcano for Raf, a model of Cybertron for Miko, and an engine for Jack. When the kids returned to base, Ratchet was disappointed to hear that their projects failed and stated they would have received highest honors on their planet.

In Scrapheap, Ratchet scanned Bumblebee and Bulkhead when they returned from their trip through the Arctic. Ratchet helped GroundBridge Optimus and Arcee to the Arctic. Later, Ratchet found his human allies quite helpful in their mission to stop a Scraplet infestation. Jack used a fire extinguisher to stop a bunch of Scraplets that were attacking Ratchet, which saved Ratchet's life. The humans were successful in restoring the GroundBridge systems, which Ratchet activated. Optimus and Arcee returned to base, where Ratchet informed Optimus about the ordeal. Ratchet stated that they were fortunate to have this infestation on a Saturday before Miko screamed after seeing a spider.

In Con Job, Ratchet continued working on the partially messed up Ground bridge during a visit by Bulkhead's old buddy Wheeljack, while trying to ignore the distractions caused by the other Autobots partying and Wheeljack and Bulkhead Lobbing. The delays caused by Ratchet's repairs resulted in "Wheeljack" being exposed as a Decepticon imposter. Unfortunately this also meant that when the real Wheeljack turned up, Ratchet was subjected to another round of partying.

In Convoy, Ratchet continued to play the role of tech support over the Autobots next few missions. He remained in the base to monitor the Autobot convoy as they transported the Dynamic Nuclear Generation System across country, alerting them to an incoming Decepticon attack and—under protest—working with Raf to GroundBride Miko and Jack onto a moving track so they could stop the forces of MECH from stealing the device. Ratchet asked Optimus if the children were intact and Optimus stated they were.

In Deus Ex Machina, when the Decepticons stole an Energon Harvester from a human museum, Ratchet manufactured a replica to replace it, despite Bulkhead breaking his frame welder.

In Predatory, Arcee contacted Ratchet for a Ground bridge.

In Sick Mind, when Ratchet and Optimus Prime investigated a crashed Autobot vessel, they discovered that it was a plague ship carrying deceased victims of Cybonic plague, a pathogen created by Megatron himself. Optimus contracted the disease, which was beyond even Ratchet's ability to cure. In search of a treatment, he GroundBridged Arcee and Bumblebee to the Nemesis so they could obtain the cure from Megatron's mind via cortical psychic patch, a controversial procedure banned by Autobots but in which Ratchet was well-versed. While watching the link, Ratchet recorded the hologram of the plague antidote Megatron showed to Bumblebee, and was able later to produce a cure for Optimus.


In Out of His Head, while Optimus was given a clean bill of health, Ratchet was more concerned about Bumblebee; learning that the scout was seeing visions of Megatron following their psychic link-up, Ratchet induced a shutdown to give his systems time to recover. The other Autobots soon left the base on a mission, and Ratchet was left with Raf, who was sitting by the unconscious Bumblebee's beside. Trying to explain to the boy that this was unnecessary only resulted in Ratchet being subjected to pictures of Raf's family. The discussion was cut off when Bumblebee suddenly reactivated, leading Ratchet to realize that Megatron had taken over his comrade's body. Unable to stop the Decepticon leader from escaped through the GroundBridge, Ratchet and Raf followed Bumblebee to the Decepticon ship. There, they tried fruitlessly to stop Bumblebee from restoring Megatron to life, and had to retreat under Vehicon fire after Megatron's resurrection. They found Optimus's team on the ground below and returned to base where Ratchet checked over Bumblebee's processor for any lingering traces of Megatron's influence.

In Shadowzone, due to his experience with Dark Energon, Ratchet—much to his own surprise—was tapped to take Arcee's place when the Autobots deployed to confront Starscream. He was attempting to use the evil substance to revive Skyquake. Discovering that the kids had followed them through the GroundBridge, Ratchet ordered them to head back through to base, only for a Decepticon GroundBridge to manifest at the same time, causing a disruption that hurled the children into a parallel dimension. Deducing what had happened, Ratchet was able to recreate the original feedback loop and create a portal the kids could escape through.

In Operation: Breakdown, Ratchet also went into the field on the Autobots' next mission: After patching up Bulkhead following a skirmish with Breakdown in which the 'Con was captured by MECH, Ratchet joined the effort to rescue the Decepticon. Following an Energon signature but finding only Breakdown's plucked-out eye, Ratchet attempted to extract images from the eye to help in the Autobots' search, but it turned out to be a MECH booby-trap, and the team only narrowly avoided the bomb explosion that resulted. They later tracked down Bulkhead in time to rescue him from Starscream and Breakdown.

In Crisscross, Ratchet was at the Autobot base when Jack and Arcee brought Jack's mother June Darby in to introduce her to everyone.

In Metal Attraction, when June visited the base again, Ratchet assumed her car was a Decepticon, though he didn't object to June, a nurse, respectfully calling him "doctor". While in conversation with June, Ratchet detected a magnetic anomaly and dispatched Bulkhead and Arcee to find it; when they returned magnetically stuck together, he realized they were dealing with a polarity gauntlet. Bulkhead and Arcee were eventually able to retrieve the device and present it to Ratchet back at base.

In Partners, Ratchet's tech expertise came to the fore again when he detected the activation of a crashed Decepticon ship's computer system: when Bumblebee and Arcee returned from investigating with two frozen comrades and the pieces of the Decepticon weapon responsible, Ratchet was able to repair the weapon and use it to restore Prime and Bulkhead. Optimus asked Ratchet about Arcee and he told him that she was resilient.

In T.M.I., while most of the other Autobots went out to retrieve a Cybertronian data cylinder, Ratchet stayed at base to monitor them and annoy Bulkhead and Miko by interrupting their monster truck footage. After Bulkhead was called out to the field, Ratchet assigned Miko cleaning duties, only for her to rush off to the battlefield and inadvertently cause the contents of the cylinder to be downloaded into Bulkhead's brain. Ratchet initially gave Bulkhead a clean bill of health, but when Bulkhead started painting complex formulae, Ratchet made two discoveries: one, that the formulae were for Synthetic Energon, and two, that the data was slowly destroying Bulkhead's mind. After much of the formula had been transcribed, the data was beamed out of Bulkhead into space, leaving him comatose. Ratchet's suggestion that a familiar sound might rouse the Autobot led Miko to wake Bulkhead with her guitar playing. In Stronger, Faster, Ratchet appeared to succeed in synthesizing a batch of the Synthetic Energon that Bulkhead used in the previous episode, and used himself as a guinea pig. Supercharged by the new substance at the expense of his mental stability, Ratchet was made strong enough to trash an entire squad of Vehicons on his own and to throw Bulkhead through a wall while sparring. When he went too far in interrogating a Decepticon Miner under the auspices of being more "proactive", Optimus was forced to confine him to base. Escaping, Ratchet went to confront Megatron on his own, infiltrating the Decepticons' Energon mine and making short work of Breakdown. Unfortunately, Megatron proved more formidable than expected, and Ratchet was seriously injured and left for Knock Out to extract a sample of Synthetic Energon from. Drained of the SynthEn and its effects, Ratchet managed to raise enough strength to fight back and destroy the sample, and was then rescued by the other Autobots and taken back to base for treatment. Ratchet apologized for his behavior to Optimus and the other Autobots, though at least they'd gained a supply of real energon from the mine out of it.

In One Shall Fall, when Optimus became interested in a prophecy from the Covenant of Primus, Ratchet worked out that the planetary alignment mentioned was mere days away. Shortly after, Raf was injured during a mission to stop the Decepticons from gathering space bridge components. Ratchet's lack of knowledge of human physiology left him unable to treat the boy, so June Darby was called in to help. Ratchet refused to allow Raf to be taken to a hospital, as human doctors wouldn't have any experience with Energon contamination, but it became apparent that this wasn't what was ailing Raf. He had been infected with Dark Energon. Ratchet took the risk of applying an infusion of regular Energon to neutralize the Dark, and Raf recovered.

In One Shall Rise, Part 1 Ratchet joined Arcee and Bulkhead in rescuing Optimus from a battle with Megatron, then set about analyzing a series of natural disasters that began across the Earth, deducing that the tremors were the heartbeat of Unicron, slumbering within the Earth and threatening to destroy it with his awakening.


In One Shall Rise, Part 2, when Megatron approached the Autobots with the proposition of an alliance to stop Unicron from destroying the planet, Ratchet scoffed at the notion. He grew increasing incredulous to the idea that he would GroundBridge the others into the Earth's very core, following co-ordinates provided by Megatron, so the Optimus could use the Matrix of Leadership to deactivate Unicron, but was nonetheless forced to go along with the plan when Optimus accepted Megatron's offer.

In One Shall Rise, Part 3, Ratchet remained behind in the base with the kids and unable to contact the Autobots in the planet's depths. Ratchet passed the time telling the humans about the old days when Optimus was known as Orion Pax, and was shocked to discover that Optimus had entrusted Jack with the Key to Vector Sigma before departing. A final tremor that Ratchet shielded the kids from heralded Autobot victory within the planet, but when Ratchet GroundBridged the others back, they reported that Optimus had lost his memories and left with Megatron.

Explaining Orion[]

After the Autobots returned to the base without Optimus, Ratchet told them that they accomplished what was necessary and concluded that if Optimus did not remember his own name it would be possible that the title of Prime had not been given to him yet after the others questioned why Optimus would not retain his own memories. In addition, he told their human allies that without the Matrix inside of him, it would stand to reason that Optimus had reverted to his pre-Prime state of Orion Pax.

Following his explanation to the Autobots and humans, Ratchet told them that while Optimus did not believe himself to be an Autobot, he would have to believe that Optimus would never stop being one in his heart before telling them that they must locate him to know for certain. After Fowler questioned if the Autobots could not just locate their leader, Ratchet told him that their leader's signal had not appeared since he embarked before stating that they must get to work finding him if they were to have any hope of continuing his contingency plan. WhenJack questioned what the key he was given by Optimus did, Ratchet said that it granted access to Vector Sigma. Ratchet continued by telling him that Vector Sigma was more than a super computer, calling it an ancient source of mystical power as he revealed it to be on Cybertron.

Ratchet told the humans that only a Prime could access Vector Sigma or one chosen before reminding them that Optimus gave the key card to Jack and that it was now imprinted into his unique bio-signature. After Miko questioned if Jack was some honorary Prime, Ratchet merely told her and the others that Jack was the only one who could restore Optimus to his current form. However, Ratchet soon stressed that the key card was useless to them without a means of reaching Cybertron. Ratchet tinkered with the GroundBridge as Raf questioned him to what he was doing and told him not to get his hopes up. Acting as temporary leader, Ratchet allowed Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Arcee to confront the Decepticons after being alerted by Agent Fowler of their actions. Arcee managed to get aboard the Nemesis and began to look for Optimus before being GroundBridged off. While tending to her at the Autobot base, Ratchet questioned if they were able to pinpoint their location or if Optimus was even aboard ship. Ratchet reacted to Bulkhead destroying his materials in a fit of rage and called his name out. Their situation worsened when Fowler told them of the injuries given to the humans during the conflict and told them to get their act together before the Pentagon shut down their base.

Ratchet explains Space Bridge

After Raf questioned where they would go, Ratchet said who knows before beginning to believe they could be sent to an island or fired onto the moon as he expressed that would be a welcome relief. When the Autobots began arguing, Jack stated they were overlooking the one positive. When Jack stated they could use the Space Bridge to send him to Cybertron, Ratchet explained to Miko that the Space Bridge was not in space and that the term meant the frequency wave. He remembered and reminded his teammates that the Autobots did not know what the Decepticons had in store for Optimus.[2]

Locating Space Bridge[]

At the Autobot base, Ratchet and Raf began to experiment. Ratchet asked Raf if their test subject was ready and expressed that he had doubts that his calculations had extended to GroundBridge range before concluding there was only one way to find out as he pulled a lever and prepared to have their test subject remote-controlled car go through.The subject is a control car.Despite his hope, the car exploded while making it's way through the GroundBridge, causing Ratchet to react in despair. While Raf told him that it was just a first try, Ratchet told him that it was a misguided act of desperation and that it took eons to master Space Bridge engineering before lamenting that no one is more accomplished than the Decepticons.

After Raf told him about having to climb a rope in gym class and being encouraged by Bumblebee to try before succeeding, Ratchet questioned what anything about what they were doing had to do with gym class. As Raf left him, Ratchet told the non-present Optimus that he was so sorry. Upon his return to the base, Bulkhead asked Ratchet if Arcee or Bumblebee had found a Space Bridge. After confirming that the two had not reported back, Ratchet was asked by Bulkhead if he was alright. Upon saying that he was, Ratchet told Bulkhead that the two should just get him to the next quadrant. Ratchet soon received a high frequency signal with an embedded message and identified it as such to Bulkhead. After Bulkhead questioned if it was Optimus, Ratchet denied it by decrypting the message and discovered it to be Starscream. In the message, Starscrean told them that he had obtained information on their leader and requested that Ratchet bring a medical kit, as well as go by himself to meet the Decepticon. Upon arriving to the coordinates, Ratchet questioned Starscream as to where Optimus was. Though Starscream refused to give the two straight answers at first, even telling them to have sympathy for him due to his wound, Ratchet suggested that he speak quickly and angrily questioned if Optimus had been harmed in any way.

When Starscream told them that Optimus was on the Nemesis, Ratchet questioned where the ship was and told him that he would not go to the trouble of contacting them if he did not have real information to trade. After Starscream told them that their leader was now going by the name Orion Pax and believed he was a Decepticon, something that the Autobots knew, Ratchet and Bulkhead began to walk away from him before he revealed the location of the Space Bridge. Upon returning to the Autobot base, Ratchet told the others where the Decepticon Space Bridge was located, being deep within an energon mine. Upon being asked by Arcee what their intel was, Ratchet stressed that it was a reliable source after looking at Bulkhead worriedly. Ratchet then questioned the humans if they had reached a consensus. Though June began to worry over her son, Ratchet related that not everyone was destined for an ordinary life.

Ratchet told the Autobots that they would need to use stealth as a priority and stressed that if the Decepticons discovered them at any point, their chances would go down severely of saving their leader. After Arcee told him that he and the others would have to hold the Space Bridge long enough for her and Jack, Ratchet recalled that Raf was successful in climbing the rope in gym class and that they could handle their own obstacle as well. After giving commands to his human allies and keeping Miko at bay, Ratchet made his way to the Space Bridge with the others. He participated in fighting the Vehicons and was able to get Arcee and Jack to Cybertron.[3]

Guarding the Space Bridge and Optimus Prime returns[]

With Arcee and Jack on Cybertron, Ratchet monitored their actions on the planet while present at the Space Bridge. Though June related to Ratchet that Arcee could not leave Jack alone, as she believed Arcee was his guide, Ratchet corrected her by stating that Arcee was Jack's backup and that the Key to Vector Sigma was his guide. Ratchet would contact Jack as he loaded information from Vector Sigma into the key card, confirming the long time required for the download to be complete after Jack told him that it was taking to long. Ratchet told him that the two were talking about the collective wisdom of the Primes.

Ratchet holds Megatron

As he heard Jack attacking Scraplets over their communication, Ratchet questioned what was wrong. After he confirmed them, Ratchet stated that if they chewed through Vector Sigma before being cut off by the arriving Megatron, who had come to stop the Autobots from restoring their leader. As Megatron concluded their plans, Ratchet told Bulkhead and Bumblebee that they would hold the Space Bridge at all costs before charging at the Decepticon with all his might. Though he was thrown by Megatron and took substantial damage, Ratchet again tried to hold him off before being thrown against a wall and sub coming.

Orion Pax arrived, disenchanted with the Decepticons after discovering what their true intentions were and re-affiliated himself with the Autobots. However, he too was defeated before Arcee arrived through the Space Bridge and attacked Megatron. When Megatron saw Optimus being restored and tried to run to him in an attempt to prevent it, Ratchet tried to stop Megatron by throwing himself on him before being pushed away. They were ultimately successful in having Prime restored, who upon his rejuvenation, asked Ratchet how they arrived there. Ratchet merely said that it was a long story and attacked Megatron with his teammates before retreating through a GroundBridge to base. Upon returning, Ratchet related to Optimus that it had truly been their darkest hour, but Optimus's spark had never ceased being that of an Autobot.[4]

Ratchet and Optimus

Ratchet went with Optimus to get the Spark Extractor from Megatron. With the aid of Bumblebee, they made it out with the relic. Ratchet scans the relic and explains to Optimus about the source. Later Ratchet scanned Bumblebee and found out that he was missing his T-cog. Miko thought it could be replaced, but Ratchet explains that a T-cog is a bio mechanism that is hard to replace. When Bumblebee resorted to drastic measures that nearly costed him his spark, Ratchet volunteered to give Bumblebee his T-cog. The transplant was assigned to Arcee, since Rachet knew Bulkhead was better at breaking things than repairing them. Arcee induced stasis for Ratchet. It was Bumblebee's turn, when suddenly an Iacon signal appeared. Optimus went with Bulkhead and Arcee while Bumblebee stayed with Ratchet in stasis.

Agent Fowler gave Bumblebee MECH's coordinates while the kids covered for him. Soon Ratchet woke up and found out about Bumblebee left, but he didn't know that Bumblebee didn't do the surgery. Bumblebee returns with the team and Ratchet was able to repair it. Ratchet was happy to see Bumblebee transform and drove off with Raf. 

Wheeljack returns/Iacon Relic Hunt/ Helping Bulkhead[]

Ratchet patched up Wheeljack after the Wrecker returned to Earth and was involved in a scrap with Dreadwing in Loose Cannons.

In Crossfire, upon receiving another coded signal, Ratchet and Bulkhead again found Starscream in need of medical attention. They were able to get information from him about Airachnid's status and the presence of an Insecticon on Earth.

In Nemesis Prime, when Fowler was attacked by a truck that resembled Optimus, Ratchet tracked Optimus's signal to confirm the offender wasn't their leader. They soon established that the truck in question was a MECH-created clone of Optimus, and Ratchet patched up the Autobots after they defeated Silas and Nemesis Prime.

In Armada, Ratchet dispatched Optimus, Bumblebee and Arcee to investigate underground activity, and they returned with Airachnid in stasis lock.

In Flying Mind, when Optimus's attempt to attack the Nemesis with the Spark Extractor failed, Ratchet returned the stasis-locked team to base and GroundBridged Fowler and the kids aboard the ship. With his guidance, they were able to shut down the intelligence guiding the ship, and he even stepped aboard himself to retrieve Jack and the transfer drive full of Project Iacon data.

In Tunnel Vision, when Optimus decided they would need to secure all four relics at once, Ratchet pointed out that they were short-manned as it was.

In Triangulation, Ratchet was rather unimpressed when Optimus decided that Wheeljack would be called in to help him on his part of the mission since he was a capable warrior.

Optimus had told Ratchet to have assistance from Wheeljack in retrieving the next relic. Ratchet rendezvous with Wheeljack by the Jackhammer, and they headed out in the ship to find the relic. Wheeljack quickly got on Ratchet's nerve by calling him "doc" and "sunshine" but soon encountered Soundwave. The Wrecker engaged Soundwave in a dog fight using some fancy aerial flight moves, but against the advice of Ratchet, Wheeljack let Soundwave go and attacked Laserbeak. After a lengthy dog fight, Wheeljack shot the Mini-Con down, but the Jackhammer was also disabled. On the ground, Wheeljack found Laserbeak and suggested planting a grenade inside of the Mini-Con to kill Soundwave, but Ratchet had a better idea: A virus which would download the entire Iacon data base into their systems.

While Ratchet set about implanting the virus into Laserbeak with Raf's help, Wheeljack went after Soundwave. Though he almost got the upper hand, Soundwave hit him with the Resonance Blaster, and Wheeljack barely had time to warn Ratchet before falling unconscious. Ratchet hid behind a rock while holding down Laserbeak and reading to see the download to be completed. Ratchet lets go of Laserbeak and it drops alongside of the rock. Soundwave comes from the sky and picks Laserbeak from the ground. When he noticed that Laserbeak was missing a piece of its' wing, Soundwave immediately drops his tentacles on the ground and they went to find the missing piece. The piece was by Ratchet's foot and one tentacle was able to get it while Ratchet was still hiding behind the rock. Soundwave left and Ratchet went back for Wheeljack. Wheeljack told Ratchet that he was resting his optics and audio receptors. They left back to the Jackhammer and Ratchet thanked Wheeljack for his backup. Wheeljack said it was no problem and called Ratchet by his name as Ratchet left through the Ground Bridge. As Rafael opens a bridge for Bulkhead to come in, Bulkhead was flying through the bridge and crashed lands in front of them. Agent Fowler, Raf and Ratchet saw this in shock. Ratchet worked on curing Bulkhead when the other team members came back. It took a while, but Ratchet was able to revive and cure Bulkhead. Yet Bulkhead had to be under monitored.

Smokescreen's Arrival[]

Raf removed a picture of Bumblebee on the internet and replaced it with a tap-dancing monkey. After he succeeded, Ratchet told him that Bumblebee sightings on the World Wide Web were no laughing matter. When Bulkhead questioned why he could not merely drive instead of doing exercising, Ratchet said that the state of his legs would worsen if he chose not to. Jack soon spotted a Cybertronian escape pod and after Raf identified it as such, Ratchet questioned if it was in Earth's atmosphere. Arcee questioned if the group should reach out to Wheeljack, prompting Ratchet to tell her that he did not care if Bulkhead was not combat ready. Reminded of the revenge stunt he pulled with Miko, Ratchet told Arcee that he could stay rogue.

Ratchet accompanied Bumblebee, Optimus and Arcee to the crash site. The four were soon attacked by Vehicons and Insecticons, who fired repeatedly at them. After Arcee questioned how all the Insecticons came out of that one pod, Ratchet told her that humans referred to the phenomenon as a clown car. As Ratchet was slammed down by an Insecticon, he was soon saved by Arcee, who the beast turned it's attention to. Under the orders of Optimus, Ratchet fell back with the others shortly before an explosion was set to commence. After the new Autobot gloated over his accomplishment in defeating the Vehicons and Insecticons, Ratchet asked Bumblebee if he was a friend of his. After the Autobot revealed his identity, Ratchet asked Optimus what they would do before stating that it wasn't like they could just bring him back to base.

When Smokescreen revealed his knowledge of Alpha Trion's petitioning to have Optimus become a Prime, he allowed him to return with the Autobots to base. Ratchet returned as well and was curious along with Miko and Arcee about Smokescreen's story and how he ended up in a Decepticon escape pod.

Beast Hunters[]

After leaving from the Autobot base, Ratchet retreated to a junkyard, despondent over the loss of the Autobot base and began to believe that the Autobots had lost the war against Megatron.

On the run[]

Ratchet disenchanted

Don't worry, the medic always make a comeback

At some point after arriving in the junkyard, Ratchet was sighted by a human, whom quickly took a picture of him and uploaded it on the internet. He was found by Bumblebee and Raf, whom tried to convince him to join them on their quest to find the other Autobots. However, Ratchet revealed to them that he had felt the war between the Autobots and Decepticons was over, claiming that he and the other Autobots had lost. After Raf expressed his surprise in Ratchet's decision to quit, Ratchet transformed into robot mode and asked him what the Autobots could do without a base of operations or any other resources.

Though Raf stated that the group could use the Harbinger as their new base, Ratchet questioned what good could come of resources if the Autobots did not have someone to lead them. After Raf stated that it was a start, Ratchet told him that he would have to start without him, continuing by saying that it was someone else's fight now. After Raf stated that it was only Team Prime whom could stop Megatron, Ratchet told him to leave him alone and to let him rust in piece. Raf and Bumblebee abided by his wishes and went to the Harbinger, where they had difficulty with its controls. Ratchet came to aid them and began to work after pushing Bumblebee aside. Raf gave Ratchet a smile, which Ratchet returns one back.[5] He was able to get the ship's GroundBridge working and used the Decepticon frequencies to contact Fowler. The trio were shortly after joined by most of the other surviving Autobots, accompanied by the newly-arrived Ultra Magnus.

Infiltration and Destruction of Darkmount[]

Ratchet utilized the GroundBridge and communications systems to lure the Decepticons away from Darkmount, with the help of the kids. He monitored the Autobot attack on the fortress from the Harbinger, and was thus able to detect the incoming Optimus Prime, shortly before their leader turned up to save the day. The Autobots later assembled at a human military base, and Ratchet assured Smokescreen that he'd made the right choice in repairing Optimus with the Forge.

Predacon remains[]

Ratchet Forge of Solus Prime

Ratchet prepared the GroundBridge to transport Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack back to their military base from their current location, being that of the Autobots's original base after they salvaged through its ruins. Though Ultra Magnus told Ratchet and the others after arriving through the GroundBridge that they had been unable to find anything of meaningfulness in their past base, Wheeljack disagreed as he threw his and Bulkhead's old lobbing ball at the latter, whom failed to catch it, causing Ratchet and the others to begin dodging it before it landed in front of Fowler's room, which caused him to be stuck inside until assist from the Autobots. After the ball had landed, Ratchet told Wheeljack that he could have caused serious damage.

Things grew more tense when Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack began to be reminded of their previous alignments on Cybertron, causing Wheeljack to leave the Autobots alone momentarily and for Ultra Magnus to try and break the ice by asking if the group had received any word from Optimus, whom Ratchet told him had been investigating recent Decepticon activity and that it was hopefully an energon mine. When Miko brought up the possibility of all the Autobots having jet-packs, Ratchet agreed with her before reminding her that the only thing that could do so was the Forge of Solus Prime, which had been drained of all its power.

Smokescreen soon returned to the Autobot base, decorated in a new paint job and was disappointed by Ultra Magnus after being ordered to stack cubes, remarking that he was nearly a Prime and was still somehow a rookie. This led Ratchet to question what he had said about a Prime. After Smokescreen gave him an alternate answer, Arcee related to Ratchet that Smokescreen was the only one of the Autobots to go back for Optimus and told him that if he had not, the group may not have still had Optimus. However, Ratchet related to Arcee that they were under strict protocol and that three of the Autobots, being her, Bumblebee and Bulkhead, had their human partners with them before telling her that they were merely fortunate that Smokescreen is too much of a newcomer to follow strict protocols. After Optimus returned to the Autobot base, Ratchet asked Optiimus if he had found any energon before Optimus denied so and showed him the Predacon skull he had found, causing Ratchet to express shock. Ratchet and Optimus concluded that with Megatron's then-recent new interest in the fossils of Predacons and Shockwave back among the Decepticon ranks, it would stand to reason that Shockwave had cloned Predaking from having found a remain himself. The two would continue their examination, stating that if Shockwave had enough CNA to clone a beast, he would already possess what he needed to create another.

Ratchet would later go over synthetic energon, being viewed by Optimus as he did so and questioned if it was. After confirming that he indeed was using it, Ratchet expressed his concern that since the destruction of their original base, their ability to deal with impending-crises would be severely hampered. After Optimus told him that he had made a wise decision, Ratchet told him that he would need to manage his expectations over how effective the synthetic energon would be before noting that he was working with even-lower quality hardware than before as he glanced over the lesser-quality computers next to him.

Captured/ Synthetic Energon project[]

Eventually, Ratchet was captured by Soundwave when the Decepticon was held captive in the Autobot base for a short time. Ratchet was convinced by Megatron to work on the Synthetic Energon for the Omega Lock 2.0. While working on the formula to recreate Cybertron, Ratchet told Knock Out to fetch him the Quantum Cyber Measure, prompting Knock Out to ask him if he looked like hired help to him before Shockwave told him to do as their esteem guest said and to attend to his needs. After Shockwave placed Cyber Matter on his table, Ratchet questioned if they knew the origins of it. Shockwave told him that their extensive empirical evidence suggested that it that the fundamental instability within the formulation to be the cause. Ratchet asked him if he had received a double blind analysis and learned that the results of his testing only confirmed the original hypothesis that once a part of the formula had been corrected for then the stable acid would be able to merge with Cybetron's soil. Knock Out uttered that if the Decepticons had not let the Autobots destroy the beasts, none of their work would possible, causing Ratchet to question him as he realized their role in their destruction.

Ignoring Knock Out, Shockwave told him that there was much work and little time and questioned if the two would be getting back to work before Ratchet agreed with him. While Knock Out fetched CNA for Shockwave, he accidentally allowed one of the jars to cross over with the chamber's closing gate, causing it to be seen by Ratchet. While Knock Out walked away, Ratchet moved over to the CNA jar and was spotted by the former, who asked him what he wanted. Ratchet made an excuse about lacking a part of his equipment, prompting Knock Out to go back over to his residence. Just as Knock Out finished getting him his sample, Ratchet was able to get the CNA, which he hid behind his back. After Knock Out asked him if he needed anything else, Ratchet took the sample he had asked him for and thanked him. The Decepticon stopped momentarily and accepted his thanks for his involvement.

Going through the Decepticons' computer, Ratchet discovered what he referred to as the final piece of the puzzle to their bid to get Cybertron restored and thanked Decepticon engineering. As Shockwave left the room, Ratchet realized that he could not allow Megatron to possess the stabilized formula and deleted it. After doing so, he made his way to their area of stored formulas and tossed the Cyber Matter inside, causing an explosion. After Knock Out asked him what was going on, Ratchet lied by telling him that the formula's instability must have triggered a chain reaction. In an attempt to escape, Ratchet began to drive out of the Nemesis and was even able to get away from most of the Vehicons, remarking that his fleet was not bad for an old bot.

Ratchet tries to escape

He soon met the end of his escape literally under the foot of Megatron, who he told to not kill him if he wanted his formula completed. Megatron was not inclined to believe him and explained that his cohorts were working hard to disentangle his false trail as they spoke. Returning to the Decepticon's room of experimentation, Knock Out mocked him by stating that he would put the CNA back where it belonged. After Shockwave told Megatron that it would not be long before they were finished, Megatron told Ratchet that it was pity he would not be able to see the fruits of his labor and told him that as much as the Decepticons appreciated his contributions, he had made a promise to someone that he intended to keep. Thrown outside, he was confronted by Predaking, who asked him if he felt defenseless before telling him that he now knew what his people felt like when he ended them. Ratchet endured his abuse and even told him to get it over with, stating that it was not like he could ever live with himself knowing the role he played in human kind's extinction.

However, as Predaking came closer to him, Ratchet told him that if he wanted to avenge his kind, then he would need to not stop with him and to keep avenging all the way to Megatron. Confused, Predaking transformed to his robot mode and asked him what he meant. Ratchet told him that his high and mighty leader wanted the Predacons exterminated and simply allowed them to do his dirty work for him. Though Predaking dismissed him as having made a false claim to save his own spark, Ratchet told him that since he considered himself an intelligent being, then he would need to rise above his base instincts and analyze the situation. Allowed on his feet by the beast, Ratchet told him that the Autobots had followed the trail that day with the hope that it would lead to an energon mine and that they had no idea it was where Shockwave's laboratory was.

Predaking remarked that the coincidence did not seem plausible, Ratchet told him it was because it was not one and that energon had been planted there to lure them. While Predaking questioned why his leader would want to destroy he and the rest of his kind, Ratchet related that since being on the receiving end of his might, the theory that sprung to his mind was that Megatron feared them. This caused Predaking to get extremely angry and go on a rampage. In the midst of this, Ratchet contacted the Autobots and questioned if anyone could hear him, in actuality being heard by the entire group. Ratchet told them to listen to him as he related that Megatron had rebuilt the Omega Lock onboard his warship. He stressed that he had deactivated the Decepticon shielding system, believing that they should be able to get a fix on his coordinates. Telling Optimus that he must hurry, Ratchet said that Megatron was going to Cyber-form Earth into Cybertron. Overhearing more blasts, Ratchet got away from their communication system and took cover. 

During the battle for Omega Lock, Ratchet informed the team that the Lock was located on the ship's lower deck, which he made his way to. He killed two decepticon soldiers that were guarding the door to the Omega Lock and faced against Shockwave. Despite his efforts, Shockwave had the upper hand and was about to finish him off, until he was interrupted by the Omega Lock's signal to fire. As Shockwave opens the Omega Lock's portal for the fire sequence, he sees Optimus hanging on the Omega Lock's structure and takes cover as Optimus opens fire. Megatron arrived to engage Optimus and orders Shockwave to begin the firing sequence. 

Ratchet warned Optimus to use the Star Saber to destroy the Omega Lock, which Bumblebee was able to retrieve after Smokescreen was shot by Shockwave before giving the sword to Optimus. As Bumblebee jumps to give the weapon to Optimus, Megatron repeatedly shot and killed him. However, Bumblebee was revived by the cybermatter in the Omega Lock. When Megatron was about to finish off Optimus, Bumblebee stabbed him with the Star Saber and speaks for the first time. As Megatron's body fell off the Lock and down towards Earth, the group was surprised by Bumblebee's voice. Opitmus announces to everyone that Megatron was no more and tells the Wreckers, who were with Jack and Miko at the bridge, to set course for Cybertron. After they used the cybermatter to restore Cybertron, the team went back to base where Optimus gave a speech about how they will miss their human friends/family. Ratchet decided to stay on Earth with the humans as consultants. While everyone was giving their last goodbyes, Optimus gave Ratchet a goodbye handshake before leaving with the others back to Cybertron. 

Optimus with Ratchet

Predacons Rising[]

Eventually, Ratchet briged to cybertron after getting a call from the team. Ultra Magnus was badly beaten by a Predacon and Ratchet tended to his injuries. Ratchet explained that Ultra Magnus was suffering from his injuries and has to be under the medic table for a while. After Bumblebee and the others were attacked by Unicron in Megatron's body, Ratchet gave Bumblebee some advice on past actions. Ratchet learned and told the team that Megatron's life signal was online. When the team went to attack Unicron and his army, Ratchet and Ultra Magnus were dropped off before the team left. Later, Ratchet and Ultra Magnus were there to see Optimus sacrifice himself to restore Cybertron. Ratchet told Optimus that he cared the most about him and that he didn't return to lose Optimus. Optimus said he must return the AllSpark to the Core and told his team that they have each acted as a Prime. As Optimus flies into the core, millions of sparks fly from the Well. Team Prime stood there and gazed upon the sparks flying with Optimus' spark among them.

Although he tried to join the reconstruction efforts, he found that the new Cybertronian council blamed Optimus Prime and the Autobots for the planet's destruction. The Council blacklisted Ratchet for this and assigned Ratchet the job of hunting down any remaining war criminals. Knowing that this was effectively a banishment -and knowing that protesting would only land him in prison- Ratchet reluctantly accepted. Partnered with the Mini-Con Undertone, he tracked down and captured rogue Decepticons.


Ratchet was older than most of the other Autobots which meant that he was more wiser. He was rather cranky at times and would often lash out at his teammates if they did something that annoyed him, this was mostly due from the annoyance in general and the loss of Cybertron which he loved greatly, which he would do almost anything to revive his home planet, even joining the Decepticons in reviving Cybertron back to life. 

Despite this, he cared a great deal for his fellow Autobots as he often repaired them and gave them advise; Initially he was not exactly fond of humans but as time progressed he came to accept them and became their friend. Ratchet did not appear to enjoy parties or celebrations even, as a scientist however he enjoyed working on various scientific endeavours. Ratchet always looked out for his team, which they all viewed him as the best medical officer, scientist, and friend they had on their team.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ratchet's Scanner Ratchet's defibrillators Ratchet is a veteran Medic and has been involved in many battles on Cybertron, his strongest weapon is probably his intelligence which he has engaged in numerous threats, he has shown to be able to hold his own in combat facing opponents such as Shockwave, he posses two blades converted from his hands, as well as a hand torch.


  • Transformers alumnus Michael Bell originally auditioned for the part of Ratchet in Transformers: Prime, but ultimately lost the role to Jeffrey Combs.
  • In all episodes written by Nicole Dubuc thus far, Ratchet's equipment gets damaged by a fellow Autobot, (Normally Bulkhead) prompting him to utter "I needed that!" each time as a main running gag in the series.
  • It is unknown if Ratchet returned to Earth after the events in Predacons Rising.
  • Ratchet is seen to only scan the eyes of Optimus and Arcee in the show.
  • Ratchet's last "I needed that!" quote was in "Darkest Hour", where he said "We needed that!".
  • This version of Rachet bears more physical resemblance to his Transformers Animated form and has qualities relating to his live action counterpart as well.


  • "Optimus, helping humans will only result in more tragedy."
  • "Puh Lease.."
  • "If they go underfoot they will go.....squish."
  • "I needed that." - Ratchet's famous quote after Now!!!"
  • "And stay broken. Now what could've cause that?!"
  • "Hmm... That would count for his life signal to explain to be back online. But, Dark Energon? It's so scares to be virtually non-existed. What would it be doing on Earth?"
  • "Why don't you invite him down here for a check."
  • "On our planet you would receive the highest honors."
  • "It's a trap. A Scraplet trap."
  • "Oh joy."
  • "Maybe not the last one."
  • "Bulkhead! I needed that!!!"
  • "Optimus you are not going to believe this. I have picked up the location the of the Decepticon warship."
  • "I wouldn't detect anything strenuous Optimus, but it appears your systems have fully recovered from the Cybonic plague."
  • "You three into our groundbridge. Now!!!"
  • "Breakdown's eye."
  • "On a scouting mission with Bumblebee. Sorry to disappoint."
  • "She's quite resilient for a two wheeler."
  • "*Click* (at Arcee) How's it hummin'?"
  • "We need to get Optimus out of there. Now!!!"
  • "Optimus I'm detecting a swell in Unicron's spark activity."
  • "We're on our way."
  • "There was a time - back on Cybertron - in the twilight hours of the Golden Age, where Optimus and Megatron were not sworn enemies. Do you recall when I mentioned that Optimus wasn't always a Prime? Well, he wasn't always Optimus either. He was once a clerk in the Iacon Hall of Records named Orion Pax. But as he learned more about Cybertron's past, he grew increasingly concerned about the present corruption in high places and inequality among the masses. Orion became inspired by the words and ideas of the gladiator, one who had named himself after one of the thirteen original Primes - Megatronus. Megatronus vowed to challenge Cybertron's leadership and demanded that all Cybertronians be treated as equals. The gladiator turned revolutionary rapidly gained a loyal following. Soundwave, chief among them. Orion began corresponding with Megatronus, who came to be something of a mentor to him. As Megatronus left the gladiatorial ring for the political, he saw fit to shorten his name. Before long, Megatron appeared before the High Council to propose his vision for a just society. And it was here that he began to reveal his true colors. Proclaiming to overthrow the old guard with force and arrogantly demanding to be named the next Prime. But Orion did not believe in violence as a means of achieving justice. The sparks and minds of the Council were moved by Orion's words. Here...for the first time since Cybertron's Golden Age...stood someone worthy of being a Prime. But that honor could only be achieved by earning the legendary Matrix of Leadership. His ambitions thwarted, Megatron spitefully severed all ties with Orion and the Council, and came to wage war on all who opposed him through his growing army of followers which he named Decepticons. He vowed to claim the Matrix for himself wherever it may lie. In time, warfare consumed Cybertron, poisoning the planet to its core. Orion journeyed there, hoping to reverse the ill effects and found himself before the very spark of our life giver, Primus himself. The ailing Primus sensed the innatiability within Orion and bestowed the Matrix upon him. It was thus that a surprised and humbled Orion Pax came to be Optimus, the last of the Primes."
  • "In hindsight, we accomplished what was required. With Unicron's awakening, extreme measures needed to be taken. Enemies became allies. Allies became confidants. And, with the Matrix of Leadership, planet Earth was saved. Though at an immeasurable personal cost. When Optimus surrendered the Matrix, he lost more than the collective wisdom of the Primes...he lost himself".
  • "We do not know what the Decepticons have in stored for Optimus or if he's truly safe from harm."
  • "What does any of this have to do with gym class?!"
  • "Long story old friend."
  • "If it were that easy don't you think I would of fixed Bumblebee's voice box by now?"
  • "It was... severely damaged in battle."
  • "How do you think? Tragically, of course."
  • "It happened at Tyger Pax. Our brave scout was captured by Megatron's force and interrogated. But he refused to provide intel and pay the grave price for his courage. Bumblebee was left for scrap. But Autobot troops found him and evacuated him into a triage facility where a field medic managed to stablized his condition."
  • "I am able. Just ask bantor, he was all mandrill before I put a tiger in his tank."
  • "Hold still and maybe you'll keep it."
  • "Make it fast."
  • "A quick check for Optimus's signal would reveal that he was no where near tonight's incident."
  • "Stasis. She deserves worse."
  • "Who is this?"
  • "No one is left to join me Optimus."
  • "Please don't call me Doc."
  • "I can't wait to share the good news."
  • "Bulkhead! Respond!!"
  • "Time for a break Bulkhead."
  • "Humans refer the phenomena as a clown car."
  • "You there. What in the name of the AllSpark do you think you are doing?"
  • "A duty of my choosing."
  • "Please. Isn't having three humans here enough?"
  • "Optimus does not require it to be the mightiest of warriors."
  • "There must be something we can offer in exchange."
  • "It is Dreadwing and he wants to meet."
  • "What about our planet? All of our struggles, energon spills and countless sacrifices for nothing???"
  • "Go way."
  • "You're interrupting my power down."
  • "This is someone else's fight now."
  • "Now, step out of my way so I can work."
  • "Ultra Magnus!"
  • "An Autobot signal but it's airborne."
  • "Quiet rad Miko. But the forge has been depleted from its power to do that."
  • "What was that about a Prime?"
  • "Just please, manage your expectations. I am working with even more rudimentary hardware then before."
  • "Doing the best I can commander given the lack of equipment at my disposal."
  • "I believe that Megatron may be attempting to rebuild the Omega Lock. Do we let him?"
  • "What do you want from me?"
  • "You are attempting to rebuild the Omega Lock."
  • "Fetch me the quantum cyber measure."
  • "Megatron fears you and any like you."
  • "Shut it down Shockwave. I can not allow you to harm earth."
  • "Over my sparkless husk."
  • "I know where I am needed."
  • "Where is the patient?"
  • "Vitals are improving."
  • "Optimus. I didn't return to save a life only to lose the one I care most about."