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Rartorata is a Blendtron from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.

Defies logic by being uglier than his name.

Rartorata (ラートラータ Rātorāta, also spelled Rartorarta, Rartalarta, Red Alert, Roto-Rooter, Ratatouille, and Nancy) is a cruel servitor of Unicron with an impossibly goofy name that basically fails to make sense in any language, be it human or Cybertronian. Rartorata is easily the most vicious of the Blendtron trio, ready to sacrifice anything, even his team-mates Elephorca and Drancron, to accomplish his mission.

Besides transforming into a hideous fish/bee monster, Rattata carries a "ceremonial rapid-fire poison arrow launcher", which may in fact make him some kind of ninja. Sometimes there are lots of him.

While his resemblance to Injector has been noted by the Predacon forces, he is apparently much bigger than the Fuzor.

You go, Lartarartolarltorartlroar.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Nobuyuki Saitō (Japanese)

Mysterious Beast Warriors!? The Stolen Capsules Pursue the Blendtrons! Angered Magmatron Hallucination? Lio Convoy Unicron Revived!?

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Beast Wars Neo comic

IDW Beast Wars comics

Rartorata machine

But I don't want to go to Earth. I'll miss all my soaps.

In the wake of Unicron's last attempt at eating Cybertron, the hidden cells of cultists continued to operate in secret. As the dead god's consciousness called out to his scattered followers, Larrylatta was chosen to be reformatted into a Blendtron. Joining with former construction bot Elephorca and ex-gladiator Drancron, he was instructed by the Chaos Bringer to help gather malcontents to the warlord Shokaract. Beast Wars Sourcebook 3

Flattering their "leader" and offering him capsules of Angolmois, the Blendtrons convinced Shokaract they were facilitating his ascension to the pantheon of Dark Gods that spawned Unicron himself. As his Anti-Matrix filled, he would be transfigured and Cybertron would be remade in his image. The Ascending #1 However, they were in secret agents of Unicron, seeking only to use Shokaract as a "vessel" for the resurrection of their true patron.

Rartorata IDWEarth

mY liFE iS PaIn

Raratartarsauce was dispatched by Unicron to Earth to deal with the possible threat of the gathered Maximal and Predacon troops, and upon arriving immediately stung Razorbeast, turning him into a raging feral animal. The Ascending #2 Subdued by the combined Maximal and Predacon forces, Rakorata was freed when his fellow Blendtrons arrived. Razorbeast told his allies to flee as he charged in to take on the immense Blendtron. The Ascending #3 Ralorata was ultimately destroyed when Lazorbeak and Spittor impaled Drancron on his stinger, causing a volatile Angolmois reaction that eradicated them all. The Ascending #4


Beast Wars Neo

  • Rātorāta (Deluxe Blentron, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: X-6
    • Accessories: Spring-loaded "ceremonial rapid-fire poison arrow launcher", "poison arrow"
Lertlerta is a barely-altered redeco of the Fuzor Injector, transforming into a hornet-lionfish fusion. Pressing down on a plate on the back of his head in either mode tilts it forward and deploys spring-loaded spines on his skull. His beast-mode stinger detaches to form a spring loaded missile launcher (the aforementioned "ceremonial rapid-fire poison arrow launcher").
Basically, the only differences between Rappakaffalatta and Injector are that Throatwarbler Mangrove has a lighter, charcoal gray plastic instead of Injector's black.


  • Many attempts were made to romanize the character's nonsense name until finally, in 2007, the IDW Beast Wars comics set down a canonical English name for the little fella. Which still doesn't make any damn sense. It's like the whole Deathsaurus thing all over again, only there wasn't an option that looked like it meant something. You'd think they could have just called him "Dave" or something.
  • One vaguely likely explanation for the name of this guy is that the scientific name for his lionfish half is Pterois lunulata, and even that's a bit of a stretch. Considering 'L' is pronounced like an 'R' in Japanese, this seems the most likely explanation — well, the only explanation.

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