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Rapture is a human from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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Rapture is otherwise known as Katrina Vesotsky, a member of the superhuman Neo-Knights, gathered by G.B. Blackrock to replace the defunct RAAT. Possessing a "genetic quirk", Rapture can mentally force people into a dream-like trance, leaving them vulnerable while they play out fantasy scenarios in their minds. Her power works on both humans and Transformers.

It also works on Dark Gods. Ask how.


Marvel Comics Continuity[]

Katrina Vesotsky and Lee Gruber were the first superhumans recruited by Blackrock to oppose the Decepticons on Earth. They got their first chance on a recruiting mission, and got into a three-way fight with Circuit Breaker and Starscream over a powerful man named Hector Dialonzo. Ultimately, Blackrock managed to convince both Dialonzo and CB to join him, and together this new team blasted Starscream into the surf. The Human Factor!

Dubbed the Neo-Knights, Rapture and her teammates made their public debut during the second Decepticon Civil War, as the Decepticon leaders Scorponok and Shockwave had battled across New Jersey and onto the island of Manhattan. ...All This and Civil War 2 The battle went less than perfect, as their heavy-hitter Thunderpunch was ineffective against the mighty Scorponok, and Circuit Breaker's manic hatred of Transformers quickly led to her attacking the present Autobots as well as Decepticons. The fighting wrapped up rather abruptly when Primus, spirit of the Transformers' homeworld Cybertron, summoned all the Transformers on Earth back home. Their helicopter in contact with Nightbeat at the time, Rapture and her teammates were pulled along for the ride. Out of Time!

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In the battle with Unicron himself, the Neo-Knights did the best they could. Rapture even managed to ensnare the Chaos-Bringer's mind for a brief period of time, but the psychic backlash ultimately brought her down instead. On the Edge of Extinction! After the war, the Neo-Knights were kind of lost in the shuffle of the new Autobot-Decepticon alliance, packed away in a crate for transport like so much baggage. To make things worse, they had a "cell-mate": Hi-Q, former Powermaster partner of the late Optimus Prime, who now actually believed himself to BE Prime. Exodus! Despite his crazed appearance, Hi-Q managed to convince the Neo-Knights to break out of their crate and journey with him to find the Last Autobot on the dying planet. They were successful, and used the Last Autobot to follow the Transformers to the planet Klo, where the final battle between the Autobots and Decepticons was held. Rapture used her power to neutralize Stranglehold, sending him into a blissful dream-state in which he found himself lounging on a throne being attended by buxom human women (huh?). After the battle, presumably the resurrected Optimus Prime arranged for transport to bring Rapture and the Neo-Knights back home to Earth. End of the Road!


  • Hypothetically, since Rapture never appeared in a non-Transformers publication, she should be fully owned by Hasbro. Good luck getting anyone to realize this, though. Assuming they don't confuse her for the other Rapture Hasbro owns.