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The mercenary Rapid Run is among the legions of Decepticons that struck a deal with Unicron to supply him with Energon in exchange for hyper-power.

Powerlinxing with the Decepticon Mini-Con Nightscream enables Rapid Run to "disguise" himself as an Autobot. Rapid Run retains his Decepticon allegiance when Powerlinxed to his Autobot Mini-con partner Nightcruz. However, both are in on his scheme to accumulate wealth and personal power. Rapid Run downloads their datatrax when combined with them so they can calculate the best tactics for their profit-chasing ventures. [1]



  • Rapid Run (Deluxe, 2004)
A redeco of Armada Sideways, Rapid Run transforms into a Cybertronic motorcycle. In this mode, he can be ridden by his pack-in Mini-Con partners Nightscream and Nightcruz simultaneously, be they separate or in their combined Nightcreeper robot mode. In robot mode, each Mini-Con can plug into the top of his torso (once you slide his head down) to form a new head; pushing their arms through holes in the top slides panels revealing the appropriate faction faction symbol beneath his chest/windscreen. Plugging a Mini-Con onto the Powerlinx plugs on each of his arms allows his pressure-launch missile tailpipes to be fired.


Energon rapidrun cardback

Citrus Transformer, grape packaging

  • Rapid Run was an "eleventh-hour" addition to the early Energon line, originally intended to be a "Unicron Battles" "Powerlinx" redeco of Sideways in Armada. Along with Ultra Magnus and Treadbolt, who were similar repurposed additions, he was reportedly produced at only 10,000 pieces, low for a normal mass-retail release.[2] As such, photography for the toy in its proper colors could not be done in time, so the original Sideways photos were used for the cardback.


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