Ransack is one of the Cyclones. Ransack made a cameo in Transformers: Robots in Disguise short "The Power of Dibs" and appeared in a second short "Knock, Knock" with his partner Backtrack.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 2

In Overloaded, Part 1, Ransack and Backtrack were freed from their stasis pods by during a fight the Autobots had with Overload and they spied on the rest of the battle. They followed up with Overload who was heading for Crown City, and they teamed up with him in a parking lot where Overload demonstrated his new allies by destroying a couple of cars before they headed towards Crown City.

In Overloaded, Part 2, the pair aided Overload in damaging a trailer with humans inside as practice for when they take on Optimus Prime. Instead, Bumblebee stops them himself and the pair of Cyclones helped Overload take on the Autobot. Bumblebee was soon able to convince the pair of Cyclone Mini-Cons to use pots and pans to hit Overload with as he had demonstrated it creates a sound that the Cyclones took a liking to. They happily started hitting Overload with pots and pans, even when Overload was knocked unconscious by Bumblebee. Seeing they were no real threat, Bumblebee used some pots and pans to lure the Cyclones in a "marching band" all the way back to the scrapyard.


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