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Ransack is a Decepticon in the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Ransack is often tasked for reconnaissance missions over Autobot encampments, and is well known for his attack plans and calm demeanor. But once the fighting starts, Ransack fights back; disrupting Autobots from above with his magnetic field generator for stealth attacks. When shot down behind enemy lines, he transforms and battles to the death with his launchable rocket-powered propeller.

(Even though rockets powering a propeller seems like overkill.)

European market name: Blitz


Marvel Generation 2 comic

Ransack's body was among those designed and built by Bludgeon's forces aboard the Warworld during his period of exile. The plan was to draw Prime into a trap, steal the Creation Matrix, and use it to bring them to life. Old Evils The plan worked, although with Megatron at its head rather than Bludgeon. The Gathering Darkness Megatron brought Ransack to life as one of these new Decepticon forces. Ironically, he almost immediately ended up teamed with the Autobots. He helped Springer set up the "sky sniper" mines that turned out to be utterly useless against the Swarm. At least he tried. A Rage in Heaven!

IDW comics continuity

Ransack was held as a prisoner in the Garrus-9 penitentiary complex overseen by Fortress Maximus, stripped down to his spark and held in a tiny box for an as-of-yet unknown crime or offense. Spotlight: Arcee

Note: The prisoner may instead be the Insecticon Ransack, but he was seen to be free in the recent past. Of course, he may have been captured and imprisoned since then.


Generation 2

  • Ransack (Rotor Force, 1994)
    • Accessories: Engine/gun, two rotors

Ransack's greatest regret is getting left out of the WWII era TF/Joe crossover. Honestly, if he couldn't get spotlight time there, he might as well give up.

Ransack transforms into a purple Chance Vought F4U Corsair with green pontoons/bombs underneath. As a Rotor Force toy, Ransack has a propeller that can be launched in vehicle and robot mode, the prop/engine portion of his plane mode becoming a hand-held weapon for robot mode.
He came with two rotor discs, in case you lost one. (Considering how well they fly, good idea.) Early releases of Ransack and his partner Powerdive came with black plastic rotor discs, but this was changed to red after a short while. The black-rotor version is much more uncommon.


  • Transformers Generation 2 #7 misspelled his name as "Ransak".

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