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Ransack is a male Cybertronian with a motorcycle-like alt-mode and the leader of the Decepticons of Velocitron. He once made an "amazing" comeback in the great Speedia race that determines the most prominent 'bots on Velocitron. He just came in second to Override, and since then he has never forgotten that leadership of the planet should have been his. Above all, Ransack desires power, and being second to Override's leadership has only irritated him further. He doesn't see past his own short term interests and is willing to send his world to hell, or make a deal with the devil, to gain the power that he desires. The Decepticon philosophy looks to be just what's needed on Velocitron, in his opinion, as long as he's the one in charge.


Transformers: Exiles

Ransack had secured co-leadership of Velocitron with Override due to his success in a race some time before the Ark arrived at the planet. He was less than impressed with Optimus Prime and his Autobots, though he did seek opportunities to turn their presence to his advantage. He soon learned of Megatron and the Decepticons through Makeshift, and made Optimus aware of this fact when he utilized Megatron's slogan "peace through tyranny." Eventually he and his supporters prepared to confront Override as the Autobots were ready to depart. He boldly insulted Optimus to his face, expressing his hopes that Megatron would soon arrive, and was promptly knocked flat. His forces then engaged Override in a battle that ended in a draw due to their near-even numbers.

Velocitron was then visited by the Star Seekers, and Ransack tried to goad Thundertron into eliminating Override for him. However, the pirates departed aboard the Tidal Wave upon realizing that the Autobots were no longer on the planet. Megatron soon arrived aboard the Nemesis, and Ransack grudgingly pledged himself to the Decepticon cause, but arrogantly refused to submit himself as Megatron's subordinate. Megatron soon departed as well, leaving Ransack to continue his campaign against Override.


  • This version of Ransack is primarily based on Cybertron Ransack with the difference that the Aligned version is Override's main rival. This role would eventually be reused as the basis for IDW Ransack, who is also based on Cybertron Ransack.