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Ramulus came online on prehistoric Earth, only to find that Optimus Primal and his crew had already returned to Cybertron, stranding him there alone. Since then, he's been an insufferable, snarky crank with a huge chip on his shoulder. He's as rough and tough in battle as his attitude suggests, which does make him a good bot to have around, if you can stand his relentless rudeness.

Vanadium alloy razor blades are mounted on each of his wrists, and he carries a modified high-yield tachyon gun on his arm, which he affectionately refers to as his "Slagmaker cannon." During his time spent alone on Earth, his superior internal navigation systems were honed, improving his already impressive abilities as a scout. His fractured spark crystal can periodically shoot ion pulses across his body, shutting down vital circuits.


Universe: Featuring the WreckersEdit

When awoken from his stasis pod, he was furious that Optimus Primal had left him and the other protoforms behind. He joined Primal Prime, Tigatron, and Airazor in their battle against the undead Tarantulas on prehistoric Earth. Primeval Dawn Part 2 Following a costly defeat which left Primal Prime near death and put the Matrix in Tarantulas's hands, Ramulus's sharp words were a cause of further strife among the small Maximal group. However, as he watched over Primal Prime's body while Tigatron and Airazor consulted their Vok masters, Primal Prime was transformed into a temporary vessel of the Vok's power. Primeval Dawn Part 3

After defeating Tarantulas, Ramulus and his new comrades traveled through a transwarp portal to Beast Era Cybertron, where they were immediately attacked by Predacon Megatron's massive Vehicon army. Suddenly inflicted with a virus, they were quickly inoculated by the Wreckers commander Apelinq just before a Vehicon general knocked Apelinq through the portal by which they'd arrived. Primal Prime assumed command of the remaining Wreckers, and along with Ramulus and the other troops from Earth, formed a new group of Wreckers.


You can feel the love.

Following Apelinq's return, Ramulus, Primal Prime, and Apelinq rescued Optimus Primal and Nightscream from attacking Vehicons. Even as he saved Optimus Primal's life, Ramulus did not miss the opportunity to malign the Maximal captain who'd left him on Earth. The Wreckers were subsequently called to the Oracle, where other small groups had also been summoned. After Primal Prime had been given a quest, he, Ramulus, and the other Wreckers fought their way through the Vehicons that stood between them and the Autobot shuttle they sought. Successfully reaching their goal, they lifted off and headed towards their destination. Departure

Ramulus appeared green and tan for quite a while. During the ride on the Autobot shuttle, Arcee used the healing power of her spark to keep Fractyl alive. Ramulus's close proximity to this healing process caused his colors to change to red and gray.

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Fun Publications Cybertron comicsEdit

See Longhorn (Universe)

IDW Beast Wars comicsEdit

Razorbeast was ordered by Magmatron to wake the remaining stasis pods on prehistoric Earth as Predacons. Thankfully for Ramulus, Razorbeast was working undercover and inserted a viral code into the protoform-awakening process. This virus caused many of the protoforms to retain their Maximal status. This included Ramulus, who was among the first to join up with Razorbeast. The Maximals thwarted Magmatron's plans to conquer Cybertron, but they were now stranded on ancient Earth. The Gathering

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Beast WarsEdit

  • Ramulus (Deluxe, 1998)
Part of the first wave of Transmetal 2s, Ramulus transforms into a bio-mechanical ibex, or bighorn sheep. His beast-mode horn assembly becomes a hand-held weapon for robot mode, with a gear-activated "pincer" action. Flipping up the skullcap of the beast-mode head reveals a spark crystal.


  • Longhorn (Deluxe, 2005)
See Longhorn (Universe)


A green-and-tan redeco of Ramulus was planned as a "running change" to be inserted into the 1998 Deluxe assortment, in the same manner as the black Prowl and white Dinobot II. This is why Ramulus appears in that scheme in the initial Wreckers comics; at the time, 3H thought the toy would be released and wanted to feature the most up-to-date version of it.


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