This article is about the yellow-bulldozer Constructicon who forms a part of Devastator in Revenge of the Fallen. For the red-bulldozer Constructicon who looks like Rampage in the film, see Skipjack. For other meanings of the name, see Rampage (disambiguation).

Rampage is a Decepticon Constructicon from the live-action film continuity family.

While some Constructicons prefer subtle ways of destruction, Rampage likes to fight dirty and leave no survivors. You can usually follow him by the trail of hot tar and diesel fuel. Rampage does have some beauty in heart - he loves to observe sun rays reflecting from the shards of Autobot's armour left on his treads. He use them as whips, with brutal power. Despite transforming into heavy bulldozer, he's very agile and move swiftly. He can either use his four legs and "waddle" or join them and "thrust" up and down like a jackhammer.

He transforms into a left leg of Devastator.

Hungarian name: Dühöngő ("Berserker")


Revenge of the Fallen film

In the battle in Egypt, Rampage joins the other Constructicon to form the monstrous Devastator — only to get shot by the rail gun under Agent Simmons' guide. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Revenge of the Fallen

  • Rampage (Legend ,2009)
Smallest Rampage toy available. He transforms very quickly from bulldozer to robot. His treads have tiny wheels, so he can roll when pushed or pulled. His Legends figures robot mode depicts his Jackhammer mode ONLY, and not his 4-legged crablike mode, leaving his robot mode seemingly non-movie accurate, but it's there. Trust me.
  • Rampage (Deluxe, 2009)

This crab like appearance is oddly familiar.

Rampage transforms into a yellow bulldozer (similar to Caterpillar D9T). His caterpillars become whips. He has few details and his shovel falls off easily. He transforms into robot and a second "jackhammer mode", which is more accurate than what we've seen so far. This mode engages his MechAlive gimmick: when thumping him on the ground, his pistons shift up and down and springs activate in his legs.
Excluding sublines based solely on a gimmick, Rampage suffers the most for his action feature. Rubber treads and the springs needed for his bouncing action were favored at the cost of sacrificed articulation. In an era where excessive articulation can be seen as standard, Rampage has two posing possibilities- 'jackhammer' and 'standing there.' However, the toy can easily be modified to have actual elbows, independent hip movement, and non-spring-loaded knees. The leg modifications disable the bouncing gimmick, but more than double his range of posability.
  • Constructicon Devastator (Supreme, 2009)
This version of Rampage sadly has only vehicle mode and Devastator's left leg mode.
  • Rampage (Movie Heroes, 2009)
This statue-like version of Rampage will be sold with the same brick-level articulation orange annoying bot.


  • Rampage's name, crab-like appearance, strange sense of beauty and overall design (bulky upper torso, thin legs, caterpillar treads inside claws, back and shoulder kibble, etc.) bears some resemblance to his Beast Wars counterpart.

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