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The name or term Rampage refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rampage (disambiguation).

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Specifics: Fictional appearances

Rampage is a bundle of hyper-energetic, destructive fury. He has difficulty thinking or talking for more than a short time without bursting into a wild rage and smashing everything around him. This trail of wreckage makes it easy to follow him anywhere. The only thing that really calms him down is television. Generally the more mindless and stupid the programming, the more enraptured and entranced he becomes. Rampage can watch music videos for hours and hours without twitching a circuit.

He and his fellow Predacons can combine to form Predaking.

Hungarian name: Dühöngő ("Berserk")
Italian name: Felin
French name (Canada): Furibo


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

It's better to stand and fight than live with the knowledge that you -- oh, forget it.

As Megatron's paranoia reached its peak, Soundwave suggested that they enlist the help of the Predacons to flush out Optimus Prime, allowing Megatron to finally defeat him. However, Shockwave called them from Cybertron, and gave the Predacon leader Razorclaw secret orders to turn on Megatron at a crucial moment. The Predacons successfully hunted down Optimus, and when Megatron arrived, as Shockwave ordered, they turned on him. After learning of Shockwave and the Predacons' betrayal, Megatron summoned a space bridge to Cybertron to escape, but Prime flung them both through the bridge before it had fully materialized. Prey! The Harder They Die!

Fortunately for Rampage and the other Predacons, Megatron lost his memory of this incident when Straxus attempted to take over his body. Resurrection!

Bad kitty!

Rampage and the Predacons operated as mercenary hunters on Cybertron, willing to track and kill anyone for the right price, even Megatron. Shockwave hired them to eliminate Megatron for him, and their second attempt proved successful enough to get him out of the way for a while. Gone But Not Forgotten! The Predacons moved in full-time with the Decepticons of Earth after that, and Rampage later had a truly spectacular fight with Scorponok's animal flunky Apeface during the first Decepticon Civil War -- after he ripped off Apeface's arm and spat it out, the Horrorcon then proceeded to beat the Predacon with it severely. Cold War! Rampage shook the stars out of his optic sensors long enough to get blown to smithereens along with his teammates by Starscream. Dark Star

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Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Rampage and Razorclaw were patrolling the Alaskan snowfields for Shockwave and bumped into Grimlock, who had just been had by the Dinobots as an April Fools joke -- they had set up a fake challenge by Shockwave and lured him out into the cold, only to find a "Shockwave snowman" and a sign. Razorclaw and Rampage thought this was very funny. What Grimlock did to them ended up being censored, but it probably wasn't hugs and kisses. Snow Fun!

Later on, Rampage was seen at the Enclave talking to Scavenger. The Bad Guy's Ball! He also joined Soundwave in attacking Autobot Earthbase after the two Decepticon factions reunited with each other. Divide and Conquer!

Marvel UK future timelines

Rampage was part of the Decepticon army under Soundwave's command in 2008, when they planned an all-out assault on the Autobot base on Cybertron. Unfortunately, the Quintessons who tipped them off about the opportunity had been setting a trap, and the Decepticons were ambushed by Allicon warriors. Rampage and the other ground troops bailed out of Astrotrain in mid-air, and he quickly assumed the high ground in order to gun down the opposition. Rampage was last seen fighting alongside his sub-commander, Razorclaw, but his final fate in the battle is unknown. Space Pirates!

Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Laurie Faso (US), (Japan)

The Predacons landed on Jupiter's moon of Io to attack the Autobot team carrying Metroplex's transformation cog.

Rampage transformed into beast mode and charged at EDC Commander Marissa Faireborne, but she easily leapt to avoid him, causing the Decepticon to stop in his tracks and accidentally get rammed in the flank by Tantrum. Rampage then joined the other Predacons in forming Predaking, who was promptly defeated by Sky Lynx. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

On planet Dredd, Galvatron was using the Predacons to patrol his new death crystal mining operation when Sky Lynx and the Autobots came to the planet. Kup and Blurr were sent out first as scouts and the Predacons staged a coordinated assault against them. First Divebomb softened the duo up with some rocket bombs, then Rampage and Razorclaw tag-teamed Kup, keeping him busy while the others could finish off Blurr. The tide turned when Sky Lynx and the other Autobots came looking for their front-runners, though, and the Predacons were sent into retreat. Chaos, Fight or Flee, Ghost in the Machine

When making an attempt on Rodimus Prime's life on Cybertron, Rampage and the Predacons were caught up in a nightmarish fantasy world, projected into reality by the Quintessons by tapping Daniel Witwicky's subconscious mind. After Razorclaw was carried off with the Autobot Springer by one of the dream creatures, Rodimus suggested the two factions team up and search for their friends together. Headstrong and Tantrum were vehemently against the idea, and so Rampage stuck with his pack. After nearly being eaten by a giant plant, however, Rampage may've helped convince his teammates that togetherness was a good idea, because the Predacons started working more closely with Rodimus and Ultra Magnus after that. Nightmare Planet, The Quintesson Journal , Call of the Primitives, The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

The Headmasters cartoon

Four Warriors Come out of the Sky, Rebellion on Planet Beast, Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1, Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2, The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok, The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts, Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger, Explosion on Mars!! MegaZarak Appears, Return of the Immortal Emperor, Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2), The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide

Dreamwave comics continuity

Rampage and his fellow Predacons were apparently Decepticon warlords at some point in the past. Exactly when is unclear, but they were exiled from Cybertron and eventually wound up on Planet Beest. The Predacons' higher brain functions degraded, and they became feral, wandering bestially on the planet until Megatron found them, tamed them, and taught them to beg for robo-kibble. Welcome to the Jungle Rampage and the others then helped him overcome Shockwave Lost and Found and Starscream to reclaim Megatron's army for him. The Route of All Evil

Devil's Due G.I.Joe Vs. Transformers continuity

IDW comics continuity

...the evil forces of the... Predacons?

Rampage joined the original Decepticons after participating in the gladiatorial games of Kaon for some time under Megatron's direction. Megatron Origin issue 3 During the subsequent war between the Autobots and Decepticons and shortly after the first defeat of Thunderwing, Rampage participated in the Decepticons' big push against the worn-out Autobot positions after Blaster was taken out of commission by an assassin. Spotlight: Blaster

In the modern era, as a crewman aboard the Decepticon Warship Thanatos, Rampage was dispatched to Cybertron to destroy the newly reactivated Thunderwing (and, if necessary, Cybertron). He expressed his admiration for the Autobots attempting to stop Thunderwing with too-few forces, to which Razorclaw agreed and dispatched teams of Decepticons to assist the Autobots. Rampage canceled the bombardment on Razorclaw's order with one second remaining after Optimus Prime neutralized Thunderwing. Stormbringer issue 4

Beast Wars


"Megatron, eat your heart out. No, seriously. We mean it."

After the end of the Great War, the Predacons (or those of them surviving) founded the new Predacon faction. Years later, now in a reformatted technorganic body, Rampage was once again plotting with his old teammates. Dawn of Future's Past

IDW Beast Wars comic


On Cybertron, a group of five symbols appeared on the walls of a room containing a transwarp shunt device. The five symbols seemed to represent a lion, a bird, a bull, a rhinoceros, and a tiger. The Gathering, Part 2


Generation One


  • Rampage (Predacon, 1986)
    • Team ID number: 2
    • Japanese ID number: D-74
    • Accessories: Sword, 2 rifles, right Predaking fist.

Not as fancy as an, oh say king crab tank, but it gets the job done.

Rampage transforms into an orange, black and red robotic tiger. His beast mode legs and head have varying degrees of articulation (though the latter has more to do with his transformation). As was the norm for toys made during the period, he has limited articulation in robot mode. Rampage is armed with a black laser rifle and a gold sword.
Normally, Rampage forms the right arm of Predaking, but can also be used as the combiner's left arm (which was the configuration seen for Predaking's comic and animation models).
As with the rest of the Predacons, the initial release of Rampage had die-cast metal parts which were later replaced by plastic. In Japan, he was available individually or as part of a gift set with the rest of the Predacons.


  • Predaking (Multi-pack, 1986, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: D-78
In Japan, all five Predacons were also made availabe as a very large gift-set. This huge box was reissued in 2004, using the die-cast contruction of the initial releases.

Titanium series

  • Predaking (3" Robot Masters, 2006)
    • Accessories: Display stand, sword

Titanium Predaking.jpg

The left arm of this Titanium Series 3" die-cast figurine is technically Rampage, following the cartoon/character model of Predaking, rather than the original toy's nominal layout.



  • Rampage (3D Battle-Card, 2007)
A 32-point "common" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Rampage "transforms" into a red and orange cat. He uses the same parts layout as Cheetor, Ravage and Optimus Primal.

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