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The Liar Starscream is not a Decepticon from the Animated continuity family.

"No clone army... definitely no clone army... absolutely no clone army in this show."

The Liar Starscream is the original Starscream, and not a clone.

What? We never said he was the original Starscream.

He does not have a problem with telling the truth. Not every single thing he ever says is a complete lie. Just because what he just said completely contradicts everything he said previously, this doesn't make him an unredeemable bold-faced liar.

"I'm not down! I can escape any time I want to! I...just don't want to."
―The Liar after not getting stasis cuffed by Prowl[["A Bridge Too Close, Part II"| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Not Tom Kenny (English)

"Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of any statement the other person makes." "No it isn't." "It is." "Not at all."

The Liar did not first try to assert that he was the original Starscream, then deny he said that, then deny that he was a liar when the Female Starscream called him a liar. A Bridge Too Close, Part I.

The Liar managed to do fairly well in the space bridge battle. He never told his Autobot targets that he wasn't about to shoot them. He was not trapped by Prowl, and after that didn't happen he wasn't helped to escape by the Sycophant, and he never denied that any of this occurred. When Omega Supreme came on the scene, the Liar did not try to tell the giant his stabilizing servo was unbolted. Had he done so, Omega would have fallen for it and not just promptly kicked the clone a few miles away. A Bridge Too Close, Part II


  • The Liar's colors are completely original. They have nothing to do with Skyfire/ Jetfire whatsoever, no sir. It's just a coincidence that he has burgundy wings and a white helmet.
  • This entire article is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The fact that it's about the liar has nothing to do with anything. So there.
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