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Ramjet is a Decepticon from the live-action film series continuity family.

A Ramjet that wasn't white? Never happened.

Ramjet bristles with high-tech weaponry, including an arsenal of deadly missiles and bombs as well as his lethal vibro-claws. But what he really loves to do is hit people with his head. The more he does this, the more his own cerebral circuitry gets rattled, and the better an idea it seems like next time.

Ramjet doesn't think very well.


IDW Transformers (2007) comics continuity


This I command!

Ramjet was apparently left in command of Cybertron after Starscream and his troops departed in search of the All Spark. He, Swindle, and Dreadwing greeted Starscream and Thundercracker on their return to Cybertron. Ramjet informed Starscream that the construction of the temple at Simfur was progressing as planned. The Reign of Starscream #3

When Starscream's Allspark failed, Ramjet sided with Dreadwing and pointed his cannon at Thundercracker's head, telling him to choose a side. When the fighting broke out, he broke off to chase down some Autobots, but was beheaded for his trouble by Crosshairs. The Reign of Starscream Issue Number Five

Note: His comic Cybertron-mode design has a pointy panel on his head, giving him a little more resemblance to his Generation One Conehead appearance. He also has 'wings' on his hips that point downward as a further nod.


Transformers (2007)

Movie FAB Ramjet

SD Popeman! KAWAI!! ^_^

  • Claw Slash Ramjet (Fast Action Battler, 2008)
Fast Action Battlers "Claw Slash" Ramjet is a pale grey and maroon redeco of "Battle Blade" Starscream, based upon the colour scheme of Generation One Ramjet. He transforms into a somewhat super deformed F-22 Raptor, simplifying the overall design of the movie Starscream-type Decepticon jet to the point of his feet noticeably sticking out the aft of the fighter, and has a truncated transformation sequence that relies to a fair degree on an Automorph-like gearing system to move multiple parts at once.
Rather than having a separate weapon, he only has a claw-like blade that flips over the right hand (hence "Claw Slash") via spring-loaded trigger and non-removable missiles in the palms of his hands. His claw-arm is also spring-loaded for a nasty upward slash attack.

Revenge of the Fallen


Ramjet, before dented head.

  • Ramjet (Voyager, 2009)
Ramjet is a white red and black repaint of 2007 Voyager class Starscream. He was a Walmart exclusive in the U.S., but is available in ASDA in the U.K. along with the other figures in this line.


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