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The name or term Ramjet refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ramjet (disambiguation).

What can really be said about someone whose only idea of strategy is to smash into things with his head? In Ramjet's defense he's specifically built to survive such midair collisions and his prey most definitely is not. The strategy can be frighteningly effective, since no one expects a fighter jet to ram them. Ramjet is Decepticon Conehead Seeker and has a tendency to regard the sky as belonging only to him, and will frequently ram even neutral or friendly targets. Though he is built to take such hits frequent collisions and crashes can still take their toll on his internal mechanisms.

Portuguese name (Portugal comics): Motor
Italian name: Nibbio ("Kite", the bird)
Portuguese name (Brazil comics): Rajada (but started out as Ramjet)
French name (Canada): Statoréacto
Hungarian name: Sugárhajtó



Marvel Comics continuity[]

Generation One[]

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Until Straxus was assassinated, Ramjet worked under the Decepticon overlord on Cybertron. The Bridge to Nowhere! He was one of the most feared and deadly killers on Cybertron, and would have been a key target in Operation: Volcano if he hadn't been abruptly ordered to Earth by Megatron, along with Thrust and Dirge. Target 2006

They were given Earth jet forms specified by Megatron and provided air support when the Decepticons attempted to exploit Hoover Dam for energy. The Aerialbots arrived to deal with them, but Ramjet scored first blood for the Decepticons by ramming Slingshot right out of the sky. His early victory didn't help Ramjet in his fight with Air Raid, however, as the Autobot's torque rifle twisted his beautiful nosecone all out of shape. As the Aerialbots successfully reorganized, Ramjet led the Decepticon jets in a swift tactical advance to the rear. Aerialbots over America!

Ramjet was shuffled into the background as a series of revolving leaders left the Decepticon forces in constant chaos. Honestly, it was like they had to be nice to everyone, because you never knew who would decide to take over command next.

Ramjet was seen to be shot down in flames during battle against the combined forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra. ...All Fall Down! Later, he was among the Decepticons present when Galvatron attacked their new underwater headquarters, and appeared none-too-impressed with how Shockwave handled the matter. Enemy Action!. Under Ratbat, he was put to work transporting humans to the Decepticon's holiday resort for humans. Club Con!

Note: Ramjet isn't seen after this, but Classics later claimed that he was deactivated by Starscream during the Underbase Saga.
Marvel UK future timelines[]

In 2008, Ramjet was seen among the Decepticon flyers being led into battle by Soundwave and his flagship, Astrotrain. Space Pirates!

Generation 2[]



US comics[]

When Megatron returned and overthrew Bludgeon's command, Ramjet was aggravated that Megatron brought a revived Starscream with him. Starscream was arrogant, loud, and would never shut up, so why didn't Megatron leave him dead? Seriously, what was Megatron's problem? The Gathering Darkness

Ramjet was among the Decepticons killed in the Swarm's final attack on Autobase: Earth. A Rage in Heaven!

UK comics[]

Ramjet was sporting a new paintjob and an odd lack of cone when he joined Bludgeon's forces in attacking Earth. He was shot down in battle by Optimus Prime. War Without End! (UK)


Note: The Classics stories take place after the end of the original Marvel Comic, but in a splinter timeline that does not include the events of the Marvel UK-exclusive stories or Generation 2.

Cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Jack Angel (US), Toshiro Ishii (Japan)

Curiously enough, Ramjet often seemed to act as de facto leader of the Conehead Seekers. Though only borderline competent, he was a serious enough warrior that it often fell on him to keep the two whiners Thrust and Dirge in line. Dinobot Island, Part 1, Dinobot Island, Part 2, The Master Builders, Auto Berserk, Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1, Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2, Blaster Blues

Once, Ramjet was thrown back into Medieval times and headbutted a knight, then participated in a jousting competition against Spike and Warpath. Yay! A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court, The Golden Lagoon, The Gambler, Quest for Survival, Triple Takeover, The Search for Alpha Trion, The Girl Who Loved Powerglide, Hoist Goes Hollywood, The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1, Cosmic Rust (episode), Starscream's Brigade, The Revenge of Bruticus, Aerial Assault, B.O.T. (episode)

Ramjet later participated in the Battle of Autobot City, where he was shot by a high-jumping Optimus Prime. Luckily he wasn't damaged enough by the blast to be tossed into space for being dead weight later on, and was present at Starscream's crowning as the new Decepticon leader. Ramjet was the first Decepticon who noticed Galvatron coming in to the ceremony. Ramjet, or a random Decepticon jet with his color scheme, later flew into Unicron's mouth and exploded. The Transformers: The Movie

Ramjet and Dirge were later hiding in Carbombya, but were found out by Outback and his "Decepticon detector", and the two Seekers were interrogated to reveal the location of Chaar. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3

Ramjet was totally blownuptified when Ultra Magnus decided to deal with him by chucking the conehead into a wall. Dude. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5, Thief in the Night

Note: The event above is highly disputable due to the animation errors that plagued the episode, and indeed, the rest of Season 3. Not to mention the fact that both Ramjet and Dirge (who appeared to die alongside him) appear in later episodes such as Thief in the Night.

Dreamwave continuity[]

Ramjet joined Shockwave in his assault on the Autobot stronghold in Iacon shortly after the death of Sentinel Prime. He served under Shockwave whenever Megatron happened to disappear, be it the Dark Ages or the loss of the Nemesis. After the Great Shutdown, he continued working for Shockwave as one of his top agents, and joined his expedition to Earth to forcibly collect the crews of the Ark and Nemesis. After Shockwave was dethroned, Ramjet escaped capture by Autobot authorities and met with Shockwave's remaining troops in the wastelands. They remained there until the Predacons overthrew Shockwave in the name of Megatron, and Ramjet and the Coneheads returned to his control.

IDW comics continuity[]

Ramjet was a member of the Earth-bound Decepticon unit. He fell out of favor with Megatron during the Decepticons' encounter with the Avengers, but decided that Megatron traveling to Earth personally was an opportunity. Man and Machine

Ramjet had aspirations to rule the universe and began to carry out a very ambitious plan to achieve this. With the help of duped humans, a sub-par facsimile, and his Mini-Constructicon units, he planned to acquire an Energon substitute, kill Megatron, destroy the United States, track and enslave all Cybertronians, mind-control the entire human race, and use a superstring space bridge to dominate the galaxy. Unfortunately, Megatron had a simpler plan: beat Ramjet to death, tear out his spark, scatter his dismembered corpse across the world, and keep his severed head as a trophy. Spotlight: Ramjet


Generation One[]

  • Ramjet (1985, 1986, 2001)
Japanese ID number: D-56
G1Ramjet toy

'Conehead' or 'Not Conehead'?

The original Ramjet toy was a retool of the Diaclone "Jet Robo Acrobat-Type" F-15 Eagle that was used for Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp, with new wings, and new bombs. He is otherwise identical to the other Decepticon jets aside from color.
In robot mode his official instructions has the user pulling down his nose cone to complete his head transformation, like Starscream. However, Ramjet, as well as Thrust and Dirge's television incarnations depict them as having their heads untransformed, leaving a distinctive "conehead" shape to their appearance. This has led many owners to do the same thing, to differentiate the three later Decepticon jets from the three earlier ones.

Generation 2[]

  • Ramjet (1993, 1994)
G2 Ramjet toy

'90s fashion victim.

For the Generation 2 line, Ramjet was redecoed with the purple replacing white, black replacing burgundy and light blue replacing the original black, leaving him to appear as if he were Skeletor's personal aircraft. Still, he features new firing missile launchers and a sound effects box which is mounted above his engines. These parts were also used on the Generation 2 release of Starscream.


  • Ramjet (Deluxe, 2007)
Classics Ramjet toy

The flared pants craze strikes again

Classics Ramjet transforms into a modified fighter jet based off the hull of an F-15 Eagle. Like his original Generation One toy, he is a retool of Starscream, with a new nose cone/head, new wings and new projectiles for his missile launchers. Unlike Starscream, his shoulder movement is unimpeded due to a lack of wings behind his shoulders.
As with most Classics toys, he features a heat-sensitive rubsign.
Ramjet's instructions neglect a couple of features on his toy; the wings can swivel back and forth and up and down in robot mode, to better balance the figure, and the circular air intakes on his chest can swivel out in either mode. The latter is used to form landing gear in his vehicle mode, as it was in both Starscream and Skywarp.
Ramjet was redecoed into Dirge and retooled into Thrust for the Classics-themed BotCon 2007-exclusive Games of Deception box set.

Henkei! Henkei! Transformers[]

  • Ramjet (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Japanese ID Number: D-04
Henkei Ramjet toy

Beware the man in white

Henkei! Henkei! Transformers Ramjet is a redeco of Classics Ramjet. He features a significantly altered colour scheme, generally to make the toy even more closely resemble his appearance in the Generation One cartoon. His wings are molded in bright red plastic instead of gray plastic with red paint. His hands and feet are molded in white plastic instead of gray, to match more closely the cartoon model. Despite the figure's appearance, Henkei! Ramjet features no gray plastic at all, only white or red plastic painted gray. Ramjet, like the other figures in the line features vaccum-metalized parts, his jet boosters and vertical stabilizers on his wings and his cockpit seat are chrome plated. Since Henkei! toys do not feature a heat-sensitive rubsign, Henkei Ramjet has five Decepticon sigils tampographed total, one each on the top side and under side of his two wings and one in front of his canopy.

Universe (2008)[]

  • Aerial Rivals (multi-pack, 2008)

Ramjet is a repaint of the Cybertron Legends Class Starscream. He is somewhat repainted to look like his G1 counterpart, but unfortunately without a conehead. Thrust also comes packaged in this set.


Super Collection Figure[]

  • Ramjet (2003)

But he wasn't really the Pope, just an alien robot with a funny hat.

During Act 6 of Takara's Super Collection Figure line, Ramjet was released as a limited articulation PVC figurine not actually based upon his cartoon model, as he is a retool of Starscream with new wings and a new head. He also came with one of the parts to for a Build-a-Figure PVC figurine of Grand Maximus.


  • Ramjet (2003)
Japanese ID number: MTF016

Ever been headbutted by a chibi? It HURTS!

MyClone Ramjet was released in the fifth series of the MyClone trading figure line, which was third and final series to feature Transformers characters. Following the MyClone aesthetic, he is a cutesy representation of Ramjet's animation model in super-deformed proportions. He features articulation in his head, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips and knees, all of the parts capable of being removed, then mixed and matched with any other MyClone figure.

3D Battle-Card Game[]

  • Ramjet (2007)
A 34-point "common" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Ramjet "transforms" into a white and red jet, generally following his Classics deco scheme. He uses the same parts layout as Movie Starscream and Dreadwing.

Transformers - Mini Bust[]

Ramjet statue

More fragile then his tech spec would have you believe.

  • Ramjet (Diamond Select, 2008)
Ramjet was released by Diamond Select Toys in 2008 and exclusive to online retailer Big Bad Toy Store. He was sculpted by Mark Wong of Art Asylum and limited to 250 pieces. The sculpt features Ramjet's distinctive wings. Strangely enough his motto on the box is "The skies are my castle, and I like to live alone" as found *in* his tech spec as opposed to "If it flies, crash it" as it was in both his tech spec and Transformers Universe profile.


  • Ramjet's name makes sense for the character, as he's a jet that rams into things. However, real-world ramjets are a specialized kind of jet engine with no moving parts. They have nothing to do with jets ramming into each other. And F-15s don't have 'em. His French-Canadian name is a reference to this kind of engine and totally misses the English pun.
  • IDW Ramjet was robbed of his conehead in Man and Machine. However, this proved to just be a mistake of the artist, as Spotlight: Ramjet depicted him in a form closely resembling his Classics toy.
  • Generation 2 Ramjet (along with G2 Starscream) is one of the only two instances in which there was an actual change to the Diaclone Jet Robo mold (as opposed to simply giving the figure different parts), having three pegs on his back to hold the sound box. The only other instance of an actual mold change was Takara's TFC#9 reissue of Starscream which featured holes and pegs in the fists in order to hold the little Megatron.
  • Although all the Decepticon Jets were based around the same toy model, Ramjet along with Thrust, and Dirge are typically depicted with their vehicular nosecones integrated into their humanoid forms, leading to their fan-derived "Coneheads" appellation.

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