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Ramjet is a Decepticon-allied Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Ramjet is a con-man who loves using the chaos caused by the Unicron Singularity to swindle his victims. Since he's capable of spaceflight, he offers "escape" from the ravaged Cybertron and its moons to the desperate at exorbitant costs... and once he's collected his fee, he dumps his victims someplace deadly, be it into a Scrapmetal swarm, or even into the singularity itself. Thrust has recruited the chiseler to help in his war against the Mini-Con Council of Sages, even though Ramjet isn't much use as a warrior.


Cybertron comic


Meet your maker while you're meeting your maker.

Ramjet was among the Mini-Cons defending their gigantic cannon from the Autobot onslaught. When Unicron appeared on the battlefield, he grabbed Ramjet first, crushing and killing him as he ordered his lackey Soundwave to kill everyone around, save the "anomalies". Revelations, Part 5



  • Ramjet vs. Scythe (Mini-Con 2-pack, 2006)
A redeco of the Energon Skyboom mold, Ramjet transforms into a Cybertronic space shuttle. He also forms the hilt of the Sky Terror Team's combined sword mode. He was only available in a two-pack withthe Autobot-allied Mini-Con Scythe.
This mold was also used to make Lens. The original tooling of this mold was used to make Armada Sonar and Shade.

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