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This article is about the component of Tripredacus in Beast Wars. For the rhinoceros mini-cassette from Generation One, see Ramhorn.

General Ram Horn is a member of the Tripredacus Council.

He is very tenacious.

He combines with his fellow council members to form Tripredacus.

Italian name: Corno
French name (Canada): Lucane


Descent into Evil

Beast Wars cartoon

Voice actor: Lee Tockar (English), Chafūrin (Japanese)

After the Transwarp wave hit Predacon Command Outpost One, Ram Horn met with the other members of the Tripredacus Council, and appeared to chair the meeting. He recognized that Megatron's efforts would ruin their plans against the Maximal Imperium, and told the others that they had to deal with Megatron quickly and quietly, before the Maximal Elders discovered what had happened. The Agenda (Part 1)

IDW Beast Wars comics

All those in favor of looking nothing like our toys, say "Aye!"

The Tripredacus Council ordered Magmatron to assure that no knowledge of the transwarp wave reached the Maximals. The Gathering #1 When their agent failed at his task of rounding up the rogue Megatron, the council sent Magmatron to complete the mission. The Gathering #2


Beast Wars

  • Tripredacus (1997)
Ram Horn transforms into a maroon rhinoceros beetle. He has a dual-bladed claw weapon. He transforms into the arms of Tripredacus.

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