Raksha (yes, that is her legal name) was a prominent figure in Transformers fandom, circa the mid-1990s. She was controversial due to her opinions and actions supporting (her view of) the Decepticons in the original cartoon and intense dislike for later media, such as Beast Wars.

She organized BotCon 1995, and created the Nightracer character. She has recently become active in fandom once again, after a lengthy hiatus.


Beast Wars: Visitations script reading

Antagony megatron

Megatron mistook the Predacon Antagony for Raksha on their first meeting. Neither Raksha nor Antagony would comment when later asked about the incident.

The time-traveling Antagony described herself as Megatron's doom, his destruction, and his worst enemy.

Megatron naturally assumed this meant she was Raksha (his worst enemy). Antagony corrected this misunderstanding. Visitations

Note: It is currently believed, based on various meta-textual elements from the "Visitations" script, that the Raksha Megatron refers to is the well-known Transformers fan, and not a heretofore-unseen Predacon rival of Megatron. This is one of several examples of fourth-wall breaking in "Visitations". A similar homage was written for the Beast Wars episode, "Coming of the Fuzors", but she declined the honor.


"I didn't know it was such a huge deal. And there was one fan, she had a snake around her, I found out she was a big G1 fan and she didn't like the new series, and that's fine. But then I found out that, wow, some people really don't like what we do...huh. It kinda deflates you but then you realize it's the fan thing, some people like it, some people don't, whatever."

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