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Rairyū (ライリュウ) is the idiot amongst a team of idiots. When he manages to form a coherent word it is cause for celebration. Oddly, he still doesn’t attract the criticism or ridicule of his teammate Kakuryū. Still, he is a vital member of the Dinoforce if only because his absence would leave Dinoking with an even weaker stomach than normal.

English-Malay dub name: Birdbrain
Russian dub name: Безмозглый ("Bezmozgliy", Stupid)


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Shinobu Satouchi (Japanese)
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Victory comic



  • Rairyū (Dinoforce, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-327
    • Accessories: "Brontosaurus" shell, shell-back, "Bronto Gun", Dinoking hip
A redeco of the Pretender Monster Birdbrain, Rairyū transforms into a quadrupedal monster-thing. He can also form the middle torso to the team's combined mode Dinoking. He comes with a soft-plastic armored apatosaur outer "shell" that he can fit into.
  • Dinoking (Multi-pack, 1989)
Japanese ID number: D-328
All six members of Dinoforce were available both in individual boxes, and in a complete six-piece gift set.


  • Rairyū's name translates roughly as "Thunder Dragon".
  • Rairyū's instructions list his shell as a "brontosaurus", a type of dinosaur that doesn't actually exist. Oops.
  • The Dinoforce shells are notable for developing a green patina on the painted-gold portions, as well as a slimy texture over their whole surface over time. What causes this is unknown, but ick. Even previously-unopened samples will develop this nastiness. While some water and a little bit of hand-soap should take care of the slime, there's not much to be done about the green discoloration.
  • The Victory anime depicted the Dinoforce members as carrying melee weapons, rather than the blasters the toys actually came with.

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