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This article is about the Robots in Disguise Autobot. For the Universe Railbot combined form, see Rail Racer (Universe).

Rail Racer is the combined form of Team Bullet Train. He's basically kickass and you can't hope to beat him.

Rail Racer is composed of:

Japanese name: JRX


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: David Lodge (English), ? (Japanese)


Robots in Disguise

  • JRX (Multi-pack, 2000)
Japanese ID number: C-015
Accessory: Fusion Laser Rifle
Rail Racer combines Railspike as the upper torso, Rapid Run as the mid-torso and backpack, and Midnight Express as the legs of one large robot. He carries Rapid Run's shield/launcher as well as a large cannon formed from both Railspike and Midnight Express' weapons. Rail Racer (or rather, JRX) could be assembled by buying the three individual Bullet Trains, though all three members of Team Bullet Train were also available in a complete box set in Japan.
There are significant differences between the Takara and Hasbro versions of Rail Racer. The Takara version has several portions cast in transparent plastic to give him clear windows, requiring extensive paint applications to blend in. The Hasbro version released in 2001 replaced the transparent plastics with opaques to cut back on the number of needed paint applications. There were also several smaller changes made to the individual components (detailed on their individual pages).

Special Attacks

  • Bullet Charge
  • Mirror Swift
  • Pulse Laser
  • Rail Jets
  • Scatter Blast
  • Super Turbo Punch
  • Ultra Blast


  • The Takara versions of the Bullet Trains appear to have had a particularly bad run of quality control regarding the paint applications, with many having sloppily-applied decos. While the individually-packaged Bullet Trains came in clear-window packages to see the toys, the box set was completely windowless, so it was kind of a crap shoot as to the quality of paint you got with the set.
  • Reportedly, the Bullet Trains, which were developed with Takara's very flexible pricing structure, really did not fit into Hasbro's more rigid existing price-points, budget-wise. They cost too much to be sold as Deluxes, but weren't really up to Mega-costs.
  • The letters "JR" from his Japanese name "JRX" apparently derive from the JR Group.

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