Raiden (ライデン?) is a character introduced in Transformers: The Headmasters. He is a Cybertron combiner formed from all six Trainbot members; Kaen, Getsuei, Seizan, Shōki, Suiken, and Yukikaze. He maintains an active rivalry with the Destron combiner Devastar who is similarly formed from six components.


When confronted by Decepticon combiner teams, Raiden was always ready to fight back using his terrific strength and Train Bazooka. He was the only new combiner team introduced during the series.

The Trainbots' combined robot mode was used for travel between planets with the aid of the Space Bridge.


Though never making into the anime series like in the previous series, they do appear in in the opening credits as well as in the episode "Expose the Decepticons' Dark Deception!". In a flash back scene, they kicked the Terrorcon Sinnertwin and punching Terrorcon Cutthroat until they exploded like a lot of Transformers in this series did.


The HeadmastersEdit

  • Raiden (Trainbot, 1987)
Japanese ID number: C-131
Released only in Japan, Raiden's toy dates back to the Diaclone line, similar to the Constructicons. For Headmasters, the Trainbots were available individually or in a gift set. They were later re-released during the Zone series. Like Devastator, each Trainbot member becomes a specific part of Raiden; appendages cannot be swapped like the later "Scramble City" combiners.
  • Raiden (TF Jr., 1987)


  • The Trainbots combined train form appears in the opening credits of the Masterforce cartoon, but not in the series itself. The series creators seem to have intended to to use the Robot Train to travel back and forth to Athenia, more closely tying Masterforce to previous Transformers series, but the idea was quietly dropped. They did, however, appear for that purpose in the manga.
  • The rivalry with Devastator could be due to the fact that, in addition to sharing Diaclone origins, the components also have a specific part mode, and in addition to that, the two respective combiners are the fusion of six robots.
  • Though it is a little tricky to tell the true meaning of Raiden's name since it is "spelled" in phonetic katakana rather than kanji, it most likely should translate as Thunder and Lightning.

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