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Ragebyte is a Decepticon Sharkticon scientist who is also an arms dealer who was arrested for providing criminals with weapons by windblade when he came to earth to build a super plastic explosive and then placed in a stasis pod in one of Her cashes. He can also fire Electricity from his mouth.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 3


Ragebyte planned on making a super explosive by using packing foam to make a super plastic bomb but Windblade arrested him and placed him back in a stasis pod in one of her cashes. Team Bumblebeee with Blurr found Windblade's cashes where Ragebyte was contained in his stasis pod and took him back to the scrapyard. During a prisoner and weapons transfer to the scrapyard however, thanks to recklessness caused by Sideswipe, it caused Ragebyte to escape and retrieve his unfinished weapon. He opted to finish his explosive even successfully filling it with packing foam and setting it under a water bridge. However his mission failed as Blurr took the bomb to be Disarmed some place where there was no humans. The rest of team and Blurr captured Ragebyte as they took him back to the Scrapyard to be placed back in a stasis pod.


Ragebyte has the same body type as Hammerstrike.