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Rage is a female Transformer from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Wednesday's queen is full of woe. And Angolmois.

Princess Rage (ラゲ; pronounced "rah-geh" with a hard "g") lives alone on the planet Wednesday, which is completely covered by ocean. Her Jellyfish mode is very strong, but vulnerable to weapons fire.


Beast Wars Neo comic

On a mission to the ocean planet Wednesday, Break was attacked by a giant jellyfish that had eaten the Angolmois capsule they were looking for. Cohrada wounded it, but Stampy stopped Break from killing the jellyfish, claiming it was being controlled by the evil Angolmois. He carefully excised the capsule instead.


Hentai warning.

The jellyfish transformed and revealed itself to be Princess Rage, a Transformer who lived alone on Wednesday. Grateful that Stampy had freed her, she asked him to stay with her forever. Stampy was tempted, but refused to leave their mission incomplete, and departed with the rest of the Maximals.


  • Rage was inserted into the Beast Wars Neo manga retroactively by means of a short text story, turning the monster jellyfish glimpsed in a montage of the Maximals' adventures into a possessed Transformer.
  • Rage's name is derived from kurage (くらげ), the Japanese word for "jellyfish".
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