Raf's mom is noted, by Raf, to be very strict and very alert. Raf also believes that even ninja skills or training would still be noticed by his mother.


In Darkness Rising, Part 1, Raf's mom called to check on Raf while he was playing with his radio controlled car at a construction site that seemed to be not far from his home.

In The Human Factor, Raf's mom was upset and grounded Raf for flunking on his grades. When she heard noises coming from his room, she went to investigate by calling for Raf and opening his door to find that he was working with William Fowler, Miko Nakadai, and Jack Darby in a little "study group" as Raf called it.

In Legacy, Agent Fowler was helping Raf's family move to a new location after the Decepticons have located his old home.


  • While her name has not been stated or shown in the show, it can be assumed that her last name is "Esquivel".
  • Judging from her accent, she probably grew up in Mexico.
  • She has at least two daughters, with one of them being named Pilar.
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