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The Radio AM Robot is a Transformer from the Generation One continuity family.

I hear the talking of the DJ, can't understand just what does he say?

The Radio AM Robot may look like a cross between Megatron and Soundwave, but he's probably the only Transformer who can pick up the farm report—in Spanish!


Generation One

  • Radio AM Robot (AM radio, 1987)

I understand just a little, no comprende, it's a riddle.

An original mold that takes design cues from Generation One Megatron (head), Blaster (hips), Omega Supreme (arms), and Soundwave (lower legs), Radio AM Robot transforms into a working AM radio powered by a 9-volt battery.
He was released only in Argentina by Comando Toys, and was available in two different color schemes: one baby blue, blue and grey, and one very dark green and red.
Curiously, the Radio AM Robot is equipped with a sword that is almost an exact duplicate of the sword included with the first Japanese release of Generation One Megatron, though the handle is shaped differently.


  • Radio AM Robot was produced under license by Comando Toys of Argentina, and sports both the official Transformers logo and a 1987 Hasbro copyright on his box. What relationship Comando Toys had, if any, to fellow South American toy companies Antex or Estrela is unknown.
  • Nowhere on his box is Radio AM Robot indicated as an Autobot or a Decepticon. However, as no Decepticon-branded toys were evidently sold in Argentina until Generation 2's Robot-Man X and Robot-Man Z, it is possible that Radio AM Robot is an Autobot by default.
  • The color scheme depicted in Radio AM Robot's box art does not appear to have been used on an actual toy.

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