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To say that the two Autobots named Rack and Ruin have anger issues might be something of an understatement. Autobot prisoners of war press-ganged into building Shockwave's latest tower in the occupied city of Iacon, the duo were unwillingly used as guinea pigs for one of Shockwave's less successful experiments, merging the two together into a single, permanently conjoined Transformer nicknamed Rack n' Ruin. Rack n' Ruin still yearns to make Shockwave pay for this gruesome transformation, but in the meantime the duo's induction into the elite Wreckers might be able to help them find an outlet for their myriad frustrations.


Transformers: Retribution

Ultra Magnus introduced Rack and Ruin to Springer, Wheeljack, and Jetfire as the newest recruit into the Wreckers, and a member of their mission to rescue Alpha Trion from Shockwave. Wheeljack had trouble remembering each half's name and opted to call the conjoined being Rack n' Ruin for short. Rack n' Ruin agreed that the nickname would keep things simple.

Together, the Wreckers infiltrated their way into central Iacon and met up with Maccadam at his bar, who had become Ultra Magnus's informant in the war. When Decepticon police forces attempted to arrest the intruders, the quintet escaped with the help of Omega Supreme and made their way into Cybertron's underlevels, where Rack n' Ruin broke into the lower levels of Shockwave's tower to access the rail transport system. Although briefly confronted with a horde of Insecticons, the Wreckers made short work of the swarm and successfully rescued Trion. Trion, however, warned them of the impending Quintesson invasion.

With the Sharkticons closing in on Iacon, the Wreckers and Alpha Trion regrouped in Cybertron's Hall of Records, where the Wreckers rigged the building to blow to deny the knowledge to Tyrannicon and his forces. The plan was ultimately unsuccessful, but the Wreckers managed to escape when Tyrannicon's forces suddenly turned on their general. Rack n' Ruin took advantage of the confusion to steal the explosive charges and rig Shockwave's tower to explode, humming cheerily all the while.

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