Rack'n'Ruin are two Autobots from the Generation One continuity family.

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Rack'n'Ruin are (is?) two Transformers who were surgically combined in a desperate attempt to save their lives. Previously, (t)he(y) turned into jets, but now (t)he(y) don't (doesn't?).


Marvel Comics continuity

Rack n' Ruin were (was a?) Wrecker(s). After doing almost nothing in Operation: Volcano, (and being the only member(s) of the team to not doubt the mission), Target: 2006 they helped Roadbuster blow a chunk out of Galvatron in the Time Wars. However, they didn't bother warning him the gun was about to blow up in time, proving two heads don't tend to be better than one. Time Wars Rack n' Ruin shot a hole in Galvatron. Wrecking Havoc Galvatron got payback. Bye, bye, Rack! Bye, bye, Ruin! Time Wars

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  • In his (their?) first appearance during Target 2006 (t)he(y) is (are?) referred to as "Rack and Ruin" but subsequent appearances pep this up to Rack'n'Ruin.

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