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Not a lumberjill, but she's still ok.

Rachel Becker, is a human in Generation One continuity.

Rachel Becker is a freshman paleontology student studying at the Pacific Northwest University in Oregon. She believes in the ideals of science, putting the pursuit of knowledge above her own fears and safety - though these intentions are fairly well put to the test when giant robots get involved.


Marvel Comics continuity

Exploring on her own for fossils, Rachel stumbled across a path of broken trees and colossal footprints. In her excitement (having previously only found fossilised ferns and trilobites), she called her professor, Robert Paaswell, and his assistant, Marty, to help investigate her find. The professor agreed that they certainly appeared to be dinosaur footprints, but must actually be part of an elaborate hoax due to their mechanically carved nature. Disappointed, Rachel started heading down the mountain as the sun set, her mood quickly changing as she caught sight of the silhouette of a pterodactyl. Professor Paaswell decided making camp wasn't such a bad idea after all.


For science!

That night the young student was lying awake, thinking of the mysterious shadow, when she noticed a bright light outside. Investigating, she was shocked to discover the light source was the massive Trypticon emerging from the space bridge. Fleeing in terror, she tripped over a log and lost her flashlight. Quickly regaining her composure she admonished herself for losing her cool (noting Professor Paaswell wouldn't have), and resigned herself to waiting out the rest of the night.

However, Trypticon's attack on the Ark drew her attention, and without anything else to do she headed off to investigate. Before she reached the battle site, she crossed paths with Grimlock who had wandered off from the other Dinobots on his own. Though initially shocked, Rachel reminded herself she was there to find out the source of the footprints, and scientifically observe whatever caused them. However, the Autobot wandered off again before any science could occur.

Thrilled by her close encounter, Rachel failed to notice Wipe-Out, Trypticon's lackey, sneaking up behind her. Despite telling him to keep away, she was easily captured and soon brought before the mighty Decepticon. When Trypticon announced his intention to destroy her she attempted to flee, but was stopped by Wipe-Out. Moments before being devoured she was saved when Grimlock leaped onto her attacker's head and bit a large chunk out of it. Diving for cover, she watched as the Dinobots pummeled the Decepticon until he was called back through the space bridge. As the Autobots disappeared over the horizon Professor Paaswell and Marty joined Rachel, drawn to the noise of battle themselves. When asked what had happened, Rachel rather cryptically replied that there weren't dinosaurs in the mountains, but "something much, much more..." King of the Hill!


  • There is a real Pacific Northwest University, but it is a health science faculty specialising in osteopathic care - not at all related to paleontology.
  • Rachel hypothesises the footprints could belong to either a Triceratops or Stegosaurus; fossilised remains of both these dinosaurs are found in North America, so it is a reasonable conclusion.

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