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This article is about the Animorph. For the student Wipe-Out attacked in the Marvel comic, see Rachel Becker.

Rachel is a human in the Animorphs continuity.

Rachel is. An Animorph. Apparently. She talks like. William Shatner.

Rachel's known animal forms include...well, just a lion.



  • Rachel/Lion (Deluxe, 1999)
Part of the first wave of Animorphs toys, Rachel transforms from a human who watches too much anime into a (male) lion, as well as a transitional third mode combining features from both. Her tiger mode front claws are separate pieces that attach like gloves.


  • Rachel has brown hair (because it's her lion mode mane), but is depicted as blonde in the books.
  • Rachel is the only character who doesn't have a toy featuring the animal form she fights aliens with in the book series. That form is usually a grizzly bear. The reason for this is that the TV series changed her main combat form to a lion.

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