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Rabbicrater is an Autobot Micromaster from the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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"Oy gevalt! I'm outta here before this becomes yaoi Kiss Players!"

Rabbicrater commands Zone City's lunar base, also serving as the Rocket Base's pilot. Rabbicrater often acts as the voice of reason (or caution, or sanity) when his commander Moonradar goes rushing headlong into battle- with limited success. You might think this would make him a stick-in-the-mud like Prowl, but he and Moonradar enjoy a playful, competitive friendship.


Zone animation

Cain met Rabbicrater some time after his arrival on Zone.

Rabbicrater ran into Moonradar on the highway while his commander was shuttling the refugee Cain around Zone and engaged in some friendly road-jockeying with him.

When the Nine Great Demon Generals attacked Zone Rabbicrater lamented that the Powered Masters weren't back from searching for Victory Saber yet. Moonradar ignored him and went about mounting a defense.

When the Demon Generals departed with Zone's store of Energon Z, Rabbicrater piloted Rocket Base, ferrying Moonradar's crack strike force (and Cain) to Earth. He reminded Moonradar that they needed to find out what the Decepticons wanted the Energon Z for. Moonradar ignored him and went about mounting an offense.

During the battle with the Generals, Rabbicrater stayed with Cain and their new human friend Akira to chaperone them. Cain ignored him and went about mounting Akira. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Zone manga

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  • Rabbicrater (Micro Transformer, 1990)
    • Japanese ID number: C-350
A redeco of Skystalker, Rabbicrater transforms into a Porsche 959 sports car. He was only available as a pack-in with the Zone OVA (Original Video Animation) videocassette.
This mold was also used to make Zone villain Metrobomb.


  • Rabbicrater's name comes from the Chinese legend that a girl and a rabbit live on Earth's Moon. As far as anyone can tell, he is not a Hasidic astronaut.

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