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Season 2.5, or ½ was a miniseries of Transformers: Robots in Disguise that took place after the events of Season 2 but before the event of Season 3


Following the events of the "Decepticon Island" battle, a group of Decepticon Scavengers arrive on Earth looking for relics from the Great War; they have been partnered with Weaponizer Mini-Cons, a breed of Mini-Cons who can control the bodies of their wielder. At the same time, Starscream makes an unexpected return following the events of "Predacons Rising" with the help of a trio of bounty hunters (Shadelock, RoughEdge, and Razorhorn).


  1. "History Lessons"
  2. "Strongarm's Big Score"
  3. "Pretzel Logic"
  4. "Mighty Big Trouble"
  5. "Mini-Con Madness"
  6. "Worthy"