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R-Blade is an Autobot from the Robot Masters portion of Generation One.

R-Blade is a member of the Cyberjets, and works as a consul at Autobot City, working on matters of diplomacy with the humans of Earth. When pressed into battle, his "Sonic Lance" missiles are loaded with a wide variety of warheads, giving him a great many combat options. Thankfully, he has the skill to properly exploit those options.

He's a big Jetfire fanboy, which explains his colors.


Robot Masters

Pack-in comics

Online mini-comics

R-Blade responded to Mirage's distress signal as he was being attacked by the time-displaced Predacon Megatron. R-Blade was quickly knocked aside, but managed to get up and contribute a volley of firepower that drove off the smirking dino.

Later, R-Blade was the unlucky Autobot taking a group beating from Psycho-Orb, Air Hunter and Wrecker Hook. However, Optimus Primal appeared through a space-time rift and saved his hash.

While out on flying patrol with Optimus Primal and Delta Seeker, the trio were approached by Starscream, Wing Stun and X-Gunner, who apparently wanted to have a test of air-speed. Leaving Optimus in their wake, the five jet-form Transformers took off, with the Decepticons ahead. R-Blade used a special spinning technique to get ahead of the Decepticons, and generated a smokescreen, giving Delta Seeker the chance to knock all three out of the sky.


Robot Masters

  • R-Blade (Autobot, 2004)
Japanese ID number: RM-05

R-Blade, walking copyright violation.

A redeco of the Generation 2 Cyberjet Hooligan mold, R-Blade transforms into the swing-wing Navalized Advanced Tactical Fighter variant of the Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor, with a deco clearly inspired by the original Jetfire toy. In both modes, he has a pressure-launch missile launcher (dubbed the "Gauntlet Frame"). Unique to this version of the mold is the silver-chromed "Flare Gun" weapon. He also only came with a single "Sonic Lance" missile, unlike other versions of this mold, which came with multiple missiles.
This mold was also used to make Generation 2 Jetfire, Universe Wind Sheer, and "Descent into Evil" Ricochet.

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