Quintus Prime is one of the Thirteen, who were created by Primus and the creator of the Quintessons, said to be the "Experimental Dreamer".


Quintus was an innocent daydreamer, with a strong tendency toward perfectionism and idealism. He constantly sought expression of his ideas and was driven to prove his theories correct by an experimental invention. In this he was often stymied by the less imaginative Primes who had no time for his speculations, but he had a mind second to none and was unwilling to let it lie fallow just for the sake of peace and quiet. He believed overwhelmingly that life was the most important, sacred thing, to be encouraged to flourish at all costs in all varieties to enrich the universe.

His unique power was embodied in the Emberstone, an object akin to Primus' spark, which was able to seed the explosion of living processes in base elements.

Quintus Prime mostly stayed in the background during the battles of his brothers. When new life began on Cybertron, he took a ship to find his own way in the galaxy. With him he took his Emberstone to try and fulfill his dream of creating new life. Eventually he landed on a planet that, like Cybertron, was rich with metal. He dubbed the planet "Quintessa" and began his experiments. Eventually he succeeded in creating the Quintessons. Quintus' fate following this is unknown but upon seeing his creations and how violent and manipulative they were, Alpha Trion had suspected his brother had been killed by his creations shortly after creating them.


  • Quintus's name was revealed in Transformers: The Covenant of Primus.
  • Given that the Quintessons' files stated that they stole Space Bridge technology but did not fully understand how it worked, it is possible that Quintus Prime, himself, invented Space Bridges.
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