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The name or term Quintessa refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Quintessa (disambiguation).

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Quintessa, also known as the Great Deceiver, is a character introduced in the Transformers: The Last Knight movie. A mysterious sorceress and the self-described "Prime of Life", she created the Knights of Iacon, Optimus Prime, and the Infernocons and considers Cybertron to be hers to command. She is also a member of The Creators.

Personality & Character

Quintessa started off as cool, collected, imperturbable, and benevolent, as she considers Optimus Prime to be one of her finest creations and revered by much of the Cybertronians. However, she turns out to be extremely cold-hearted uncompromising, opprobrious, wrathful, diabolical, and manipulative, as she has no qualms in draining Earth's energies to restore Cybertron, even at the cost of killing life on Earth.

Being a powerful sorceress in general, Quintessa is shown to be deluded and treacherous, as she believes that her actions are at best for the survival of Cybertron. She also blames Optimus for the war between the Autobots and Decepticons that ravaged much of Cybertron; even when a furious Optimus pointed out that Megatron, the former apprentice of The Fallen and current leader of the Decepticons, is the one responsible for causing the war in the first place, Quintessa angrily refuses to accept this and instead brainwashes Optimus into doing her bidding, until she is even more angry that Optimus broke free from her control and called him a "traitor" before she would kill him.

She once referred to herself as Optimus' god, when she angrily said to him, "You dare to strike your god?!", after he attempted to kill her when he assumed it was her who destroyed Cybertron. She has also proclaimed herself as the "Prime of Life". This goes along with Sir Edmund Burton's nickname for her; "The Mad Goddess", highly suggesting she possesses something of a god complex.

Quintessa's true goal is to destroy Cybertron's ancient enemy, Unicron, which she believes to be Earth's true form. She will do anything to kill him.


An ancient robotic sorceress who is a Creator named Quintessa allied herself with the Decepticon leader, Megatron, to revitalize Cybertron by draining the internal energy out of Unicron, the original form of Earth and Primus's ancient enemy, who is starting to reawaken as Cybertron nears. Quintessa sends Optimus (now Nemesis Prime) to retrieve Merlin's staff granted by the Knights, so that she and Megatron may use its energy to destroy Unicron and save their planet. Optimus is brought back to his senses by Bumblebee, and the Autobots team up with the Knights to stop the evil pair.

As Quintessa is charging her energies up to finish the job, Cade, Vivian, the Autobots and Knights infiltrate Cybertron's core and Optimus battles Megatron, kicking him out and sending him flying back to Earth. He attacks Quintessa and she prepares to destroy him for betraying her until Optimus tells her to say hello to his friend Bumblebee, who catches her by surprise and obliterates her Cybertronian body entirely, allowing Viviane to use the staff and stop the destruction.

After the incident, Quintessa, disguised as a human, travels to the desert where one of Unicron's horns has emerged and tells a group of workers not to touch Unicron's horn as he dislikes it, and says that she can tell them how to kill him. Transformers: The Last Knight


Knights of Iacon

The Knights originally thought Quintessa as a benevolent creator, until they learned that Quintessa wants to destroy Earth (whom she believe as Unicron's true form). The Knights rebelled, stole her staff and even branded her to her new alias as The Great Deceiver, which makes Quintessa furious.

Optimus Prime

As Quintessa is responsible for sending Lockdown to earth to retrieve Optimus Prime, Optimus leaves to search and kill his creator, Quintessa, he believed that Megatron started a war. However, Quintessa refused to believe him and even blame him for Cybertron's destruction. She brainwashed Optimus to do her bidding to retrieve her staff from the Knights for betraying her. After Optimus was freed from her mind control, Quintessa called him a traitor and swear to kill him until Bumblebee shot her.


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Notes & Trivia

  • It is possible that she was The Fallen's master.
  • Quintessa is voiced (in her true form) and portrayed (in her human form) by Gemma Chan, who starred in British sci-fi series Humans about sentient consumer good robots facing persecution from the species that created them, which is very similar to the backstory of the inhabitants of the Quintessa's namesake.
  • Quintessa's design is based on Alpha Q's design in Transformer: Super Link 2004 (a humanoid upper torso with tentacles), and the Quintesson's facial designs in Transformers 1984 (a face with a headdress). The headdress incorporates elements of the Autobot and Decepticon insignias, reflecting her role as the Transformers creator.
  • Her depiction within the film is closer to the Devil.


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