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Quintessa is the home world of the Quintessons and the capitol world of the Quintesson "Co-Prosperity Sphere," properly known as the Quintesson Empire. It's location is a closely guarded secret unknown to outsiders, and the most desired positions within the empire are apparently based there. As a result, the Quintessons often use other worlds as settings for major operations, such as using Aquatron as a staging ground in their bid to reclaim Cybertron. They maintain control through video communications, though the features of the Quintessa-based Quintessons are usually obscured.


The Covenant of Primus[]

On his quest to seed planets across the universe with civilization, Quintus Prime used the Emberstone to seed the young planet of Quintessa with life forms, creating the first Quintessons. Although Quintus Prime intended to create peaceful, spacefaring beings, the arrogant, manipulative, and self-serving Quintessons he created did not fit this mold. Quintessa ultimately proved to be the hub and staging ground for many campaigns, including the attempted conquest and annexation of Cybertron. 

Transformers: Retribution[]

Quintessa was the capital of the Quintesson Imperium, a group of subjugated worlds that claimed to be a part of a peaceful Co-Prosperity Sphere. Although the Quintessons kept the location of their homeworld a secret, Quintesson judges could holographically project themselves onto their various colony worlds to pronounce judgement over criminals and prisoners of war. 

Background Information[]

  • Quintessa first appeared as the home planet of the Quintessons in the Generation 1 cartoon series, making it's debut in The Transformers: The Movie. The Quintessons later destroyed it in an effort to eliminate Rodimus Prime and in anticipation of reclaiming Cybertron.