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Specifics: Fictional appearances

"Chaotic" is the best word to describe Quickswitch. "Unpredictable" works also. His rapid changing of forms is echoed by his moods changing just as wildly. Whether you find him happy or sad, angry or upset depends mostly on the moment you happen to run into him. If you run into Quickswitch in a bad mood, the best advice is simply to wait a moment.

He may be the son of Sixshot.

French name (Canada): Interclic


Toy commercials

Quickswitch's toy commercial referred to him as Sixshot's "son", burdened with the task of making up for his "father's" mistakes: however you want to gloss that, nothing has appeared elsewhere to support or contradict this.

Later, when Optimus Prime returned as a Powermaster, he used Quickswitch in handgun mode against some Decepticon aggressors.

Marvel UK continuity

Quickswitch was supposed to meet an informant at Maccadam's Old Oil House, but ran afoul of a Mecannibal who had come looking for revenge on Dreadwind and Darkwing. It took some showy transforming into each of his modes to stop the beast. The two drunken ingrates, however, never even noticed. Out to Lunch!

Ladybird continuity

When the Decepticons went to ground on Nebulos, Quickswitch was sent with Quickmix and Scoop to locate them. He was the only one able to cross the Nebulos Triangle's mercury lake due to his hovercraft mode, and he managed to locate the Decepticons' secret underground city. With Scoop's help, he sealed the only exit so the Decepticons remained trapped, and the Nebulos campaign, possibly the war itself, was ended. Decepticons Underground


Generation One

  • Quickswitch (Six-changer, 1988)
    • Accessories: Left & right blasters
G1 Quickswitch toy

When we were kids, we'd flip out that white nosecone bit in robot mode so he had a big flat shovel-like "penis." We were kind of dumb.

Quickswitch is the second "sixchanger" in the series. Besides his basic form as a humanoid robot, he turns into a Cybertronic jet, drill tank, laser pistol, hovercraft and a flying puma. His armament of choice is a pair of (non-firing) photon blasters, which he uses in many of his modes. Despite being particularly well articulated due to his various transformations, all of his modes are kinda blocky.
The same mold was used in Japan to make Sixknight.

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