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Quickstrike is a spastic, violent, trigger-happy cowboy who rarely thinks beyond the next "keister he's gonna kick." This simple-minded lust for beating people up seems to be his overriding personality trait. While this makes him easy to manipulate, which Megatron finds extremely useful, the problem he has found is that Quickstrike is so easy to manipulate that Megatron's not the only one doing so! Both Tarantulas and Blackarachnia have their hooks in him in some form or another, leading Megatron to consider controlling the vicious little bugger through the good old-fashioned method: fear of death. Quickstrike may be stupidly brave most of the time, but only to a point.

"Call me...Quickstrike! And good's got nuthin' to do with it."
―Quickstrike[["Coming of the Fuzors (Part 1)"| [src]]]

French name (Canada): Cinglant
Chinese name: Dú Hsīeh (毒蠍, "Venom Scorpion"), Hsiang Wei Sheh ("Rattlesnake") in season 3
Italian name: Serpex
Polish name: Szybki Cios (literal translation of "Quickstrike")
Spanish name: Sorpreviso


Beast WarsEdit

Voice Actor: Colin Murdoch (English), Nobuo Tobita (Japanese), Fabio Tomasini (Portuguese)

Quickstrike, along with fellow Fuzor Silverbolt, came into being when his stasis pod crash landed on earth. However, like Silverbolt, Quickstrike's pod was damaged and caused the life form scanner to malfunction by mistaking two scanned creatures as the same being, creating a new hybrid version form that would serve as fuzors' beast mode. Though not reprogrammed as a Predacon like Blackarachnia or Inferno, Quickstrike relished in his role as a Predacon from the moment he stepped out of his stasis pod, Coming of the Fuzors (Part 1), and Quickstrike fit right into Megatron's band. Though he contained no traces of the Predacon shell program like Blackarachnia, his rowdy nature and love of violence made the actual facts irrelevant, though it may be a result of his damaged stasis pod. Although Quickstrike constantly voiced his belief in his own strength, in combat he was generally portrayed as one of the weaker Predacons, once being defeated by a badly-damaged Dinobot when the ex-Predacon was armed with nothing more than his own fists Code of Hero; the closest he came to a viable victory was when he managed to render Depth Charge unconscious after Depth Charge had already been badly damaged by Rampage Deep Metal. Quickstrike generally filled an infantry/trooper role and followed the orders he was given. However, there are two notable instances when he was manipulated into betraying Megatron.

Tarantulas easily pushed Quickstrike's buttons, and the two, along with Blackarachnia, contemplated forming an "arachnid alliance" of their own. Their plans never came to fruition, because they were interrupted by the Maximals, and Megatron never found out. Tangled Web After a device of Tarantulas' took over Optimus Primal's body, Quickstrike was put in charge of the golem that controlled it. Once the Maximals were defeated, and the Ark open, Quickstrike (under orders from Tarantulas) used his control over Optimus to toss Megatron into the lava surrounding the Ark. The plan backfired when Megatron rose from the lava more powerful than ever Master Blaster, and Quickstrike was put on "trial" for betraying Megatron. The trial was interrupted and Quickstrike spared by the arrival of Tigerhawk. Other Victories

Quickstrike met his end, along with Inferno, when Megatron used the Nemesis to open fire on a proto-human settlement that they were inspecting as a possible new base site. Nemesis Part 2

Beast Wars: The Gathering comicEdit

When Quickstrike and Inferno heard what sounded like a fight involving Megatron, they rushed over to find out what was happening. When they arrived, they saw that there was no one there. Megatron had actually been taken prisoner by Magmatron.

Beast Wars: Transmetals (PSX)Edit

Voice Actor: Ian Corlett (English), ? (Japanese)

Transformers Legends anthologyEdit


Beast WarsEdit

  • Quickstrike (Basic Fuzor, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: D-45
"Release slowly until head is full of water."
―Quickstrike's instructions


Good luck holding a gun with those hands, cowboy.

Quickstrike transforms into a scorpion with a cobra's head on his tail rather than a stinger. The cobra head has a soft-plastic bladder than can be used to store and squirt water. Most of his yellow parts are translucent plastic, and makes extensive use of ball joints, particularly in his tail. While this provides excellent articulation, care should be taken as the joints loosen rather quickly with play. It is worth noting that the pictured Quickstrike toy has far more than the normal amount of snake-arm joints. Not counting the single "upper arm" joint or the main cobra head, there should be five joints.
In his transformation, the head of the scorpion becomes the butt, which makes him officially a butthead.
Takara's version of the toy has extra paint applications on his face, most notably the eyes, which now were coloured red to be more accurate to the show, rather than being essentially just two turquoise rings on his translucent yellow-coloured face.
  • Metals Airazor vs Quickstrike (Multi-pack, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-45
The Japanese release of Quickstrike was available individually or packaged together with Transmetal Airazor.


3D Battle-Card GameEdit

  • Quickstrike (2007)
A 33-point "rare" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Quickstrike "transforms" from a gold and green scorpion to a gold and green scorpion standing on its hind legs. He uses the same parts layout as Movie Scorponok.


  • Like Rampage, Quickstrike did not have a Predacon shell program installed in his Maximal protoform state to turn him bad. It's possible the damage done to his stasis pod warped his personality. More unsettling is the theory that this is his true, spark-given personality, and the Maximal programming knocked off-line by his crash would have been just as distortive on his mind as the Predacon shell program was on Blackarachnia. Another logical explanation of this could be the nature of his beast form(s) which led (or at the very least increased) his aggressiveness factor.
  • In the jovial Japanese dub of Beast Wars Metals, Quickstrike's cobra tail could talk and think independently from Quickstrike. It would always end its sentences with either "-ko", "-bura" or "-kobura".
  • Quickstrike is also the name of a Maximal in the Beast Machines toyline. While it seems most likely that the two characters are unrelated (considering the apparent death of Beast Wars Quickstrike in the series finale) it should be noted that Beast Machines Quickstrike's bio states that he is not fully trusted by the Maximals and that he will only work with Blackarachnia, although there is no love lost between them. These elements of the character do somewhat resemble the Quickstrike of Beast Wars, so there remains a strong possibility that they are the same Transformer.
  • Quickstrike's energy-Zap/blast not only damages the target, but also poisons them, causing there to be weakened and their mobility reduced.
  • Quickstrike has the dubious honor of being the only Beast Wars character featured in the Beast Wars show who has not had his toy recolored or remolded to create another version of himself or an entirely new character by far.
  • In the series, Quickstrike almost never used real names (except his own) only nicknames; Such as Inferno being "Blender-Butt" due to the characters insect abdomen converting to a Flight-powering turbo jet in Robot form, and Blackarachnia being "Sugar Bot", Waspinator Bug Eyes (interesting to note, as the original waspinator figure hadan interchangable-heads feature, one of which had insect eyes resembling his Beast Form and this was the mutant face, the one chosen for the appearance of the character for the Series because it was the more interesting and distinguishable of the two)and even his Leader, Megatron, being referred to always as Boss. (heres the LOLiest of all his nicknames, when he encounters another being for the first time, Silverbolt the Fuzor Maximal whoms Beastform is a cross between an eagle and a Wolf, he says to him: "Come oah-an FUZZ and FEATHERS, we's gunna Tangil! ")
  • Megatron seems to really want Quickstrike to die.

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