Quickslinger is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Girls are grody!

Yes, Quickslinger is a girl. She hates the way girls are stereotyped so much that she forces herself to act as non-girly as possible. You could probably say she's a self-hating girl, but without the self-awareness that term usually implies.

Of course, she secretly wishes she could act girly, but she apparently can't be an empowered female if she actually acts like a female. That's some self-defeating logic, there. Somebody never made it through gender studies.

Additionally, Quickslinger is a real "girl-next-door" type who doesn't mind getting dirty but "cleans up well." She knows her male peers have a fancy for her, and she uses this to her advantage.

Who wrote this?


Fun Publications Cybertron comics

Quickslinger was walking alone on the abandoned surface of Cybertron when she noticed she had a splinter in her finger. She wondered, being a robot, how that was even possible. Before she could contemplate further, she was knocked aside as the battle between Vector Prime and Ramjet exploded out of the ground beneath her. Balancing Act, Part 5

Note: In her only appearance, she is miscolored and unnamed. She was only identified as Quickslinger after-the-fact, mentioned as part of the how-to-make-Quickslinger article in the following issue.



Actual profile quote: "What do you take me for, a weak little GIRL?". No, really.

Quickslinger has no official toy. She began as a kitbashed fan character by Shawn D. Tessman, published in the Fun Publications fan club magazine. Basically, she's Cybertron Ransack with the opaque red plastic painted lavender. Also, she has a profile that makes the blue states cringe.


  • The Fan Club magazine mentioned that there was to be a Quickslinger-based contest at BotCon 2006, in which people could submit their Quickslinger kitbashes and the judges would pick the best one. Come BotCon 2006, there were apparently a grand total of no entries.
  • Not a sausage.
  • Bugger all.
  • The name "Quickslinger" was recycled from Hasbro's now-defunct Xevoz toyline.
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