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Quickmix is an absent-minded chemist whose demeanor is nearly as volatile as the chemicals he works with. He is accomplished in his trade, and is readily capable of devising new compounds and ways of combating the Decepticons, but his impatience and absent-mindedness often results in unfinished projects and experiments. He has a short temper and his Autobot allies make sure to give him a wide berth because of it. After all, the dude works with chemicals.

Quickmix is a "Double" Targetmaster, and is partnered with the Nebulans Boomer and Ricochet.

French name (Canada): Mixture


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

I'm going to invent Flubber!

Quickmix assisted the Classic Pretenders and Rescue Patrol in eight successful raids on Decepticon-held facilities on Cybertron. Yesterday's Heroes!

He continued serving Emirate Xaaron, and took command of holding the line at Autobase against Unicron's agents while Xaaron fled to safety, even having the cajones to stand up to Galvatron himself. Surrender!

Quickmix survived to be present for the arrival of Unicron himself, but made little showing after that. The Void! (Marvel US comic)

Marvel UK future timelines

In an alternate 1991, Quickmix was part of a unit under Hot Rod's command during the Decepticon Civil War. Scorponok, the leader of one faction, deliberately surrendered to Quickmix's trio, knowing that the Autobot Code would compel them to protect the life of a willing prisoner in their custody. Scorponok was easily able to escape after pitting his foes against each other. Aspects of Evil!

In 2009, Quickmix was serving on the Autobot bridge crew with Red Alert when they fled the Decepticon controlled Cybertron. Their leader, Rodimus Prime, was possessed by the evil of Unicron, and sabotaged the ship so that it was forced into an out-of-control landing, with the retro-rockets firing only at the last second. Edge of Impact Quickmix's deactivated body was seen in the aftermath, although whether he was taken off-line in the crash or from facing his insane leader was unclear. Shadow of Evil

Cartoon continuity

Quickmix and his fellow Double Targetmasters were the first Transformers ever depicted in the cartoon... at least, according to the Cybernet Space Cube. Outside of Generation 2, they never actually appeared in the cartoon.

Universe: The Wreckers

After the threat of Unicron passed, Quickmix was one of several Autobot scientists who challenged Rodimus Prime's decision to send out exploration ships and establish early-warning reconnaissance posts to prevent future threats from reaching Cybertron unopposed. It seems his counsel was wise, as three of the five ships were never heard from again. Betrayal


Generation One

  • Quickmix with Boomer and Ricochet (Targetmaster, 1988)
G1 Quickmix toy

You WILL buy my girl scout cookies

Quickmix transforms into a red and off-white cement mixer truck, a rarity in Transformers and very rare amongst the Autobots in Generation One. While Landfill received painted chrome on his wheel rims, Quickmix gets this paint on his headlights. The mixing drum does not spin due to his unusual robot mode design. Boomer and Ricochet (or any other accessories with handle pegs of the correct size) can be mounted on either side of his (immobile) mixing drum.
The most remarkable aspect of Quickmix's robot mode is the fact the mixing drum forms the majority of his upper torso. Boomer and Ricochet can become two separate handguns, or either can attach to the rear of the other gun to form a single rifle.
No version of this character or mold was released in Japan.

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