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Quickmix is a Gigantion Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Quickmix is the right-hand-mech to Gigantion's leader Metroplex. He is cautious and a bit set in his ways, but he's also incredibly brave in battle and "knows a lot about a lot", as Metroplex puts it. But when things get hairy, he's also rational enough to know that sometimes, you do have to bend the rules.

Japanese name: Blendar
Hungarian name: Beretva (could roughly be translated as "Razor")


Cybertron cartoon

Voice actor: Michael Daingerfield (US), Kenichi Mochizuki (Japan)
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  • Quickmix (Voyager, 2006)
    • Accessories: Missile, double blaster, Giant Planet Cyber Key
Quickmix transforms into a Cybertronic (Gigantian?) cement mixer, with a drum that actually turns (on a ratcheting joint, though). The top of the mixing assembly flips up to reveal a control panel for Quickmix's pack-in Mini-Con Stripmine to stand on; pegs fold out that plug into holes in Stripmine's arms for stability.

Uh, yeah. "Work" mode. Just take our word for it.

In robot mode, plugging a Cyber Planet Key into the Key jack on his drum splits it open and reveals his spring-loaded missile launcher. The "pipe" piece on his left arm is actually removable, and can be repositioned on his arm, or even used as a hand-held "blaster" thanks to its Powerlinx peg. He also has an alternate "work" robot mode, which basically just pushes his hips up into his torso and raises his shoulders up as well. He comes with a silver-bordered Gigantion-style Cyber Planet Key, with the Key Code "ve37" on the back.
In Japan, Quickmix was only available through e-Hobby's online ordering service, in Hasbro packaging, in October of 2006 — ten months after Galaxy Force stopped in Japan.
This mold was later used to make Universe Heavy Load.


  • Quickmix's "work mode" is usually only seen in the Cybertron cartoon as a "halfway" point in his vehicle-to-robot stock footage transformation sequence. Unlike those of Metroplex and Menasor, Quickmix's work mode was also omitted from the instructions of his American release. Closer inspection of the show reveals that Quickmix seems to alternate between his work and regular modes at random in specific scenes.
  • According to the color guide unlocked by his Cyber Planet Key, Quickmix's working title was "Mix Master".
  • Whether by design or accident, Quickmix shares a few physical similarities to the original Quickmix, making him a homage of sorts (although with a color scheme closer to Scoop's).

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