Quench is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Kool-Aid Man! OH YEAH!

Every team has its grumbler it seems, and Quench is the one on the Hazard Mini-Con Team. He's generally dour and moody, quite the contrast to his teammates, but despite this, his dedication to the Mini-Con cause is unquestionable and unshakeable. He throws himself into battle without hesitation... albeit complaining all the way. Team leader Kingbolt considers him a good friend despite all this, and trusts him implicitly.


Micron Legend: Linkage Mini-Comics

I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

Quench's Mini-Con storage panel was one of several that were stored within Redline's chest compartment. Before Redline underwent the Master Key process to unlock his full potential, he entrusted the remaining two panels he held to Stella Holley. When the Unicron minion Ravenus attacked and made off with Twirl, Stella activated the two panels, realizing they needed more help, releasing Quench and his teammate Impulsor. The two were quickly joined by their leader Kingbolt, and the Hazard Mini-Con Team was back in action!

He and Impulsor chased after the retreating Aqua Raider Mini-Con Team, who were escaping in Trans-Phase mode, but were called off since Redline had accomplished his task and neutralized the evil Mini-Cons' primary weapon, the Doomstone.

The trio, joined by all of the other Mini-Cons on Earth, reuinted with their fellows under the care of the Autobots, returning to their homeworld Cybertron for the final battle against their creator Unicron. After grousing a bit about how he never got a chance to give Stella a hug, Quench and the rest of the team entered the battle against the forces of their creator Unicron high over Cybertron. He Powerlinxed with Overload, using his missile pod mode to attack. Quench's fate after the battle is unknown, but it's highly likely he's okay.



  • Quench (DVD pack-in Mini-Con, 2004)
A redeco of the Emergency Mini-Con Team member Firebot, Quench transforms into a crash-response truck. He also has a third weapon mode, forming a (non-firing) missile pod. He was only available with Volume Thirteen of the Micron Legend (the Japanese name for Armada) DVD series.
This mold was also used to make Anti-Blaze, Cluster and Graviton.
  • Quench (Mini-Con, 2004)
A special, more-bright-red-colored version of each of the Hazard Mini-Con Team members was made available as individual contest prizes from ???????.


  • Quench's head (and yet not the rest of his body) is based on the animation model for Firebot, which is significantly different from the actual Firebot toy's noggin. This is the only instance in "Linkage" where artist Hirofumi Ichikawa used an animation model rather than drawing from (and/or modifying) the toy, even for characters who already had cartoon animation models.

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