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The soldier takes in the beautiful desert surroundings as the others get blasted to death by a giant monster.

Qatar is a country on Earth, which may be located near Carbombya. It contains a lot of sand, a small village, a destroyed U.S. military base, a nearby U.S. air base and Scorponok. Oh, and there's also a bunch of cities and oil, or something.


2007 Movie

Blackout was assigned to attack the SOCCENT Forward Operations Base and retrieve information about the All Spark's location. When this failed, Blackout sent his minion to kill Captain William Lennox's team who managed to escape to a small village. Captain Lennox managed to call the Pentagon to bring a Predator drone to take a picture of Scorponok. Then, the U.S. military commanders sent "Strike Package Bravo" from a nearby air base to provide air support with one E-3 Sentry to coordinate both units. When two A-10 Thunderbolt IIs failed to damage Scorponok, Robert Epps decided to call "Spooky 32", an AC-130 Spectre gunship, to damage the creature with its combined 40mm Bofors and 105mm howitzer cannon fire, which caused Scorponok to escape and leave its damaged tail behind. No further mention was made in the movie.

Transformers: Decepticons

The Qatar Desert portion of the game consists of four missions: Decoy, Blackout at Qatar, Leftovers, and Ratchet Retaliation, as a stuck-up little bugger, a giant, the one with identity problems, and the stuck-up little bugger...again!.

In Decoy, Create-A-Bot has to scan a Chopper and attack the military base. He (it?) has to destroy 5 grounded jets, 5 attacking helicopters, and 5 attacking tanks.

In Blackout at Qatar, Blackout must destroy 5 satellites to block the humans' communications, and then scan 4 information databases and retrieve the file Project Ice-Man.

In Leftovers, Deva-I mean Brawl must stop 15 armoured vehicles from getting to the villiage in the only obvious way...destruction.

In Ratchet Retaliation, Ratchet appears after Brawl threatens to destroy the base. Create-A-Bot gets rid of him, while Blackout and Brawl get rid of his little Chopper drones.

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