This article is about Pyro from G1. For the Transformers prime character, see Pyro (Prime).

Pyro is a Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family. He is also known as Spark.

Pyro is another in a proud tradition of selfless Autobot heroes. He is invariably on the front lines protecting the weak and helpless, and is so brave and steadfast as to be virtually immovable. He commands a powerful multi-functional battlestation.


IDW Generation 1 continuity

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Generation 2

  • Pyro (Obliterator, 1993)
Pyro transforms from a Carmichael Cobra airport crash truck into a robot (front half) and a gun emplacement featuring a six-barrel missile launcher which actually fires as one rotates the knob on the back. His sticker sheet notably includes several different windshield decals, each with the word "FIRE" in a different language. In robot mode he has fairly limited articulation as well as an Optimus Prime-looking headsculpt, which was the trend with Autobot leaders at the time.
He was first released as part of the “transitional” period of Transformers in the European market, bearing the new Generation 2 Autobot symbol. Later on, he was re-released in Generation 2 proper under the name Spark.
Pyro notably suffers from Gold Plastic Syndrome, as his feet, hands, wheel rims, missiles and his gun are made of this brittle plastic.

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