And knowing is half the battle! Ok, so what's the other half?!

During the second season of the Generation 1 cartoon, a series of public service announcements (or "PSA"s) were produced starring characters from the Transformers. These PSAs were almost exact duplicates of versions done featuring characters from G.I. Joe, which were inevitably the more memorable of the two (what with having actually aired on the teevee). Each PSA ended with one of the troubled kids spouting "Now I know!" The featured Transformer would then follow it up with the infamous catch-phrase, "And knowing is half the battle!"

There were a total of 5 PSAs produced, each with a different lesson to be learned.

  • "Don't run away from home" featuring Bumblebee.
  • "Don't steal cars" featuring Tracks.
  • "Don't bike at night without reflectors" featuring Red Alert.
  • "Don't boat without a lifejacket" featuring Seaspray.
  • "Don't jump to conclusions about people/Don't be sexist" featuring Powerglide.
  • "Don't whiz on the electric fence" featuring Whe- oh, sorry.

These PSAs were never aired, however. They remained largely unseen, until they were added as bonus content to the Kid Rhino Generation 1 Season 3 part 1 DVD set, then later to Transformers PlayStation 2 game by Melbourne House. They were also made available on Madman Entertainment's Generation 1 part 6 DVD box set.

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