The psycho-probe is a mind-reading device of villainous design, common to several of the different Transformers universes. It is not a pleasant experience, no sir.

Generation One

Cartoon continuity


Didn't Mel Brooks strap Kermit the Frog to one of these?

The psycho-probe was employed by the Decepticons on the captive human, Astoria Carlton-Ritz, in an attempt to acquire the secret energy formula of Hybrid Technologies Corporation. Thankfully for Astoria, her tendency to foul up machinery just by being around it saved her a ninety-thousand volt jolt when the machine read her mind as completely blank.

Once Soundwave had corrected that problem, the probe’s electrodes refused to stick to Astoria’s head, causing Soundwave and Rumble to be electrocuted instead when they tried holding them on. Why the bejabbers Soundwave didn’t just use his own innate mind-reading powers, we’ll never know. The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

Marvel Comics continuity

After acquiring the comatose remains of a clone of Megatron, Shockwave used the psycho-probe to restore the clone’s mind to full operational capacity. Through the probe’s influence, the copy of Megatron’s personality within the clone broke out of its mental shell, at which time Shockwave used the probe to brainwash the clone into his service. Salvage!

Robots in Disguise


Do not adjust your television set.

Megatron made regular use of the psycho-probe to wrench information from the brain of Doctor Onishi, acquiring knowledge on Earth’s energy sources and Fortress Maximus. This version of the probe also operated on 90,000 volts-per-scan, which led Sky-Byte to doubt how long Onishi could survive the process. Megatron… not so bothered. The Secret of the Ruins To Megatron's frustration, Dr. Onishi would often resist the scans, and eventually built up tolerance to them.

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