The Psycho-Prism is a rage-inducing object from the Generation One continuity family.

It looks pretty, and it will send you on a violent rampage. Neato!

The Psycho-Prism is a gem-shaped object developed by Doctor Doom with the intention of mind control, but is only at the level of causing a blood-curling rage wave.


IDW Comics continuity

The New Avengers/The Transformers

The Psycho-Prism was stolen from Doctor Doom by the Decepticons so they could instigate war between Latveria and Symkaria. Doctor Doom and Ratchet were able to construct counterdefenses against the Psycho-Prism's aggression wave.

Unwilling to give Ramjet Spider-Man's Energon goodies, Megatron ordered him to guard the Psycho-Prism. Man and Machine, Part Two

Doom led Wolverine and the Autobots to destroy the Prism. Ramjet didn't particularly care too much and flew away. Man and Machine, Part Four


  • The Psycho-Prism wasn't just cooked up for this crossover, with a more fully-functional version having been previously employed by the good doctor in Marvel's 1987 Avengers graphic novel, Emperor Doom. And now you know! And Knowing's half the battle! "G.I. Joe!"
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